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December 14, 2007


Cookies are on their way and have been properly packed with non-edible peanuts.

DOH! I packed my styrofoam peanuts in cookies!

I heard on NPR that the best packing material for delicate cookies is popcorn.
Just sayin'.

So how are you going to handle the fact that Mandos' goods will be three days more stale? I have my serious pants on about this because I want Mandos to lose fair and square.

No helping people, Shayera!! You're not that nice! :)

Pinko- we're discussing getting it tomorrow for that very reason.

Hee hee, well, it was only part of the packing advice they gave. I'm not really that nice.
I am so not motivated to pack! I've wasted a huge portion of my day. And now I have to leave and go check on my brother's cats and go to a benefit.

The good part is that my goods are either actually pre-stalinated (the brownies) or they are impossible to stalify (e.g. the brittle-that-contains-baked-goods) or they are designed so that staleness is orthogonal to their existence (the South Asian-style family recipe; tropical people cook to ensure that staleness is irrelevant). But quick consumption is indeed appreciated, may it please the court and at the judges' convenience.

My photos of the food emerging, great and terrible, out of the smithy on Taniquetil (I borrowed Aulë's smallest oven) will have to be delayed until Sunday at the earliest.

(Thank heavens for the captcha, I almost named the wrong Vala.)

Crap! Jennifer this post answered my question over the e-mail.

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