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December 28, 2007


Res and I had a rule last year when judging and it was this:

The 6th entrant -- no matter who it was! Didn't matter! was immediately disqualified for general principles.

That sounds like something Grizzled often says, "Don't forget Rule #6- there are no rules."

I'm guessing AG would agree with your rule. I'm guessing Pinko would point out that since neither you nor Res baked this year that all of your rules are null and void. :)

Aw! *Caring* about what Pinko Punko thinks...

What a sweet and totally irrational thought!

So? When do we know the results? Are we still waiting for Chuckles's errant cookies? I feel bad and all that they got lost, but let's tally the votes already!

Claire- I believe we're waiting on AG who was first away on business and is now on vacation. Grizzled and I have our numbers, but they need to be averaged with AG and UC's. I'm guessing it'll be 2008 before you know anything. :(

Plenty of time for more trash talking, I guess. I'll start.

I can't BELIEVE BG punted after that annoying video.

And I wouldn't put anything from Snag, Jr. in my mouth. Snag, yes; it would likely include meat and alcohol and possibly narcotics. But Junior probably put some slow acting delayed action poison in there, in hopes that his Dad would eat one...

Leave it to BP to stir the pot, ruffle the feathers, upset the apple cart... He seems to have gotten away relatively unscathed in the trash talk barrage.

Billy Pilgram's entry is going to get cut down so much, his name will be Bil Pil when the contest is over.

I also wanted to reassure the judges that, should TLB not win, I am sure it would have no affect on her physical condition. I don't want us to get any special treatment because she is carrying a baby, a feat which she put nearly as much effort into as baking her cookies. So, please, DO NOT take that into consideration.

Dear Lord, Brando! Grizzled and I totally forgot to judge her bun in the oven! If that's not a baked good, I don't know what is. However... upon second thought, it was not finished by the Dec. 21st deadline. I'm sure it would have scored high though in creativity marks.

Plus, the USPS shipping would not have been good for TBD.

They could have shipped it heir mail.

First of all, "TBD" is the cutest name ever for the little bloggy babe!

Secondly, Bil Pil:

I can't BELIEVE BG punted after that annoying video.

I seriously could not do it. Just ask Jennifer! She knows! It was all death and and heart attacks waiting to happen in the Blue Household two weeks prior to the Bake-off deadline. Plus, it was all my sister needing me to run over at the drop of a hat and my mom just wanting to sit on the phone analyzing things. And when she didn't want to sit on the phone analyzing, she just wanted to sit on the phone (with me) thinking -- in silence basically -- for hours at a time.

I'm not trying to garner sympathy here. Just *really* saying that I was at my whit's end and just couldn't do it. I even had a *really* funny joke planned. Couldn't even pull that off.


LOL at "heir mail."

BG did have various shits hitting various fans. You'll notice though that she showed up. She may not have baked, but she showed up. If you're going to give grief to BG, you must also give it to Res.

Yeah! Give it to Res! That total slacker!


Rule 1: No winners called before 15 Jan.

Rule 2: Never listen to anything Pinko says.

Rule 3: AG is always right.

Rule 4: Bribes in the form of Jewish men and cash accepted.

Rule 5: We will always be Jennifer's bitchez.

Those work for me. :)

OK, I will pile on Res, but only if I get to kick one team out of the competition.

Seriously, I know BG was over her head.

But in the spirit of the competition: Next year, when I am judging everyone's cookies within an inch of their lives, I will BG no slack whatsoever, whit or wit.

I will BG no slack

Je ne comprend pas...

Just curious... if you were to pile on Res, which team would you kick out? Hmmmm??

I will BG no slack

I like that. It sounds hardcore -- like I'm a rapper or something.


I thought the Res pile sounded kind of hardcore...

First of all, my son wouldn't try to poison me and it didn't work anyway.

Second, shouldn't the list read,
#1 - Snag/Snag Jr.
#2 - et. al.

sure, Snag.

Next year when I'm judging, you're number six!!!

BG couldn't handle the heat, so she got outta the kitchen. Understandable. I think she knows who really brought it this year.

Uh. PP? I did the kitchen joke like three weeks ago when I was going to bring the throw down on you!

Try to keep up!

But it isn't a joke, see, the Bulls HANDLED it, the BLUES didn't. And now Phil is homeless. Time for smear campaign You Tube Video against BG.

Time for smear campaign You Tube Video against BG.


Bring it!

Let's see.

9 entries
x 100-200 calories/cookie
x 3 cookies / season
= 2700 - 5400 calories / holiday season

happy new year!

Dearest NPB- *burp*... you have no idea how much butter was used. I'd say your figures are modest at best. I type this as I do yet another hour on the treadmill... :)

I've never thought of BG as so deeply passé until this very moment. It is like the end of the Members Only era.

I'd say your figures are modest at best.

I've found it's always best to be generous when talking of peoples figures.

burp, indeed.

Bring it, Pinko Punko.

Seriously. Give it your best shot.

:) @ JNPB.

THe Queen did yeoman's work this season. She's a Cookie yeoman.

Ancient Irish tradition holds that smack talk is perpetrated by those lacking confidence in their baking entry. As such, my the ghost of Brian Boru, I think we can all see who the winner is.

Yeoknow... I didn't know it till now, but I think I always wanted to be a cookie yeoman.

As for Brian, isn't he Billy's brother?

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