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December 07, 2007


That's going to be much more effective than the carton of smokes Res is going to use as a bribe.

How about if I avoid the middle-moose and just send you some offal?


Jennifer, down on the farm!

Gotta sing it like the jingle.

I probably should leave a better comment than this, but I have been working on Bake-off shenanigans all day and I am worn out!


BP- No moose offal, but I'd settle for some Moose Drool or some Rocket Fuel. :)

BG- I hope those shenanigans involve ACTUAL BAKING!!!

I hope those shenanigans involve ACTUAL BAKING!!!

Nope. Not yet!

BG should get penalized fifteen cookies for pre-emptive shenanigans.

BG- this, as you well know, is not a conceptual contest! We need baked goods, delivered to our doorsteps in 2 WEEKS! No ponies, no moola (although they were appreciated. :))


Res is being so lackadaisical... I'm expecting Hostess Sno-Balls from him...

this, as you well know, is not a conceptual contest!

Everything else in my life is, why not this?

Keep an eye on the mail for the arrival of this. I trust you will find it to your liking.

OMG!!! Fish WINS!!! Fish wins the bribery portion of our contest!

Geeeze! He's even in "play pose"! The only improvement would have been if he had been covered in hundreds... his name should have been "Ben", not "George". :)

But still... play pose gets me every time. :)

Don't worry Jennifer, I am just waiting for the
auctions to end.

I'll show you baking shenanigans!!!

Moose in heat urine!! Will it make the moose attack the pony?!??!

it's not urine, it's ur nine. obviously møøse code for something nasty.


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