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November 30, 2007


Are you sure that's a bribe and not an entry?

LOL @ Snag.

Jennifer, you know that I do not hesitate one single bit to take credit for cheating shenanigans. I am the expert!

But, I must admit that this cheater was not the one who sent you a pony.

Swear! I'm too knee deep in deadlines to cheat yet.

I'm no expert, but it seems to me an effective bribe would contain less shit.

But BP- most of the Bake-Off talk, etc, is full of shit! I think it's perfect. :)

the bribe doesn't contain shit - it produces it! And now Jennfier controls the means of production!

All Hail our new Queen of the Workers!

You got that right Kathleen!!!

Have you started experimenting on your co-workers yet??
I can't wait to see what wonderments come from your kitchen.

my cookies will Bite the Big One.

Stoorn!!! I'm honored! I love moose so your presence is welcome! I can't wait to see how you straddle the competition.

I dedicated a post to you and AG.


AG didn't get anything.

That is such crap.

AG suspects Fulsome or BG.

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