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November 29, 2007


Sounds ultra shady. :)

There should be a set of first pass rules so judges may independently view the submissions followed by consultation to deal with the bribers. Like BG.

I like that!

I was trying to think of some way to judge things without knowing who they were from. I was thinking Grizzled could open the packages and put the stuff out to try. There would be no distraction by shiny goods, pretty wrappings, MONEY!!!

We're still working on the gradations of shady.

You're leery of BG. BG's leery of the passel of Chicagoans who will no doubt be plying us with bounty.

What a great time to be a judge! Woo-hoo!

I'm milking the squirrels and icing down the churn as we speak.

Judging on bakedness? Boo. I ain't sending any goodies that I'm not going to get judged on. Why work more?

Someone must have bribed the judges. The fix is in, I tell you, in.

Mandos- isn't your wonderful eggy thing baked? It's got to be! Wouldn't that qualify it as a baked item even if it's not doughy? And it's not like it's a slab of ribs or made with squirrel milk. Or is it?

Snag, you're not making the same thing as Mandos are you?

As for bribes. I've been paid not to tell.

No, but the spicy nut thing is not baked, technically. I mean, it's heated, for sure, but unless I throw in cookie bits or something, there's nothing baked about it.

And to think I bought special tools for that last night.

Don't taunt me with spicy nut bits, Mandos... it's not fair! SEND IT!

Oh and I still haven't been able to extract the eggy thing's recipe from my mom. It's going to take some work to do that.

Mandos, have you tried waterboarding your mom? Word on the street is that's an effective interrogation technique.

As clarification, does it count if the sender was baked at the time?

fish- I'm thinking at this point the only thing that matters is that the recipient is baked and has a raving case of the munchies. The munchies are going to be needed in order to get through this.

I'm dreaming of raw cauliflower and broccoli and the butter (squirrel butter for some) bash hasn't even yet begun...

I would never stoop so low as to include a bribe in the package. If I do something silly like put some money or shiny objects in the package and unwittingly send them to you, I trust the judges will alert me to my error.

So what your saying is the best package to receive is actually "get baked-goods"?

Brando- if you have snow, send it. I'm hankerin' for snow and we're bone dry... :(

fish... don't test me. You're on my dream kitten list and could easily be remoooooved.

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