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October 24, 2007


Yeah, I'd bet the Eagles couldn't make it as a rock band.

Otherwise, I don't know quite what to say. except for the Michael McDonald part:

Why does Jennifer hate me?

I will say, though, that I am usually going to small venues. Very few bands will pull me into the Barns or Sheds.

Ain't nothin' wrong with being Michael McDonald in some woman's dreams, BP.


.....maybe there is if all she wanted to do was sleep.

LOL!!! :)

I don't like the Eagles and after one verse I end up clicking the little "promoted video" link to the side and learn about Ripe TV and Yoga Dudes.

Your fault.

I love magical comment thread fairies!


Damn, the Eagles are playing community theatre gigs nowadays?

I wonder if Latifah got up and jammed with them?


NY Lawfirm will be in touch.

I think I'd go Eagles over Michael McDonald and/or the Doobie Brothers.

Maybe you had too much chocolate to eat before bed.


I'm starting to feel as if my good name is being besmirched; what with being associated with McDonald and the Eagles and all these MOR soft rock poo-heads.

I couldn't help but think of 40 Year Old Virgin:

"If I hear 'Yah Mo B There' one more time, Yah Mo burn this place to the ground!"

ooo. The New Left is BITCHY.

I realized that BP was Michael McDonald.

Can't. stop. laughing.

"if I hear "Yah Mo B There" one more time, "Yah Mo" burn this place to the ground."

OMG Brando. We are so blog twins.

I always pictured BP looking like Don Henley.

Damn, the Eagles are playing community theatre gigs nowadays?
Dan- apparently so. As Grizzled would say, they must be out of drug money. As for Latifah jamming, I don't recall. I believe she and Grizzled we deep in a conversation about the history of salt.

Pinko!! I'm sorry!! It was early and I couldn't access the Celeb Cameo Dream line!

Kathleen and Brando- Grizzled would not stop talking about "Yah Mo B There" this morning.

Oswegan- it is Halloween time. That wouldn't be a stretch.

BG- you know who I used to think of when reading BP comments? The actor who ended up being the killer in TAG: The Assassination Game. I can't think who it was, but that was the face that always came to mind. I have no idea why. But now... now I picture him looking like Yah Mo Pilgrim.

Ya know.... I think I'm missing AG.

I'm gonna go hang with Snag. MAybe we can kill something.

I'd make a very unsettling Michael McDonald.

Don fuckin Henley, watching us all
watching, watching alla time
Well it's a chili dog shame
it's like poo-headed lame
So if your luck runs low
Just reach out and smack that doggy hinder!

Yah mo be stoned (up and down)
Yah mo be drunk (in an out)
Yah mo be boned (on an on an on)
Yah mo be crunk (arrrgh n merrrrfff)
Moose's tail y'all.

Never find a gas station in the night
Gas in the darkness
Pushing the car, over Don,
'cause it's a long hard road
That leads to a Kwik-Trip! (hey!)
My donuts, they got cold
Just reach out take this jelly, this jelly!


Dollars and hamsters, brother
'cause we're all just looking for meat
Looking for a sandwich, mustard
People got to keep putting on, no mayo
There's a puddle up ahead
Yah mo be mine (I made it!).

Well it's a dog-gone shame
But it's all kind of indeterminate
So after the show, let's all go
And we'll all drink Jagermeister.

Slow day, BP?

My favorite part of the lyrics?

arrrgh n merrrrfff!

Geez, BP. So touchy.

I was gonna say....BP reminds me of a cross between Don Henley and Peter Frampton.

Does that make you feel better?

For Billy Pilgrim.

/raising lit lighter.....

I was thinking a cross between Slim Whitman and Zamfir with just a little Boxcar Willie thrown in.

How's this!

Jennifer, Did you eat anything unusual before having this dream? Mushroom risotto maybe? I have a recurring dream that's all music. Charles Mingus' "Theme for Lester Young," aka "Good-bye Pork Pie Hat" is the whole scenario. I'm usually in there somewhere just going along with the chase. But then I haven't attended many concerts except those where my kids were playing saxophone. That's not why I dream about the song, though. I've had the dream since college. But the Eagles? Must have been something you ate.
Of course, I eat mushroom risotto about once a month for whatever that's worth.

And then BP ran calling, "Wildfire."

Come on over man, we'll kill us some meat.

Risotto. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

And then BP ran calling, "Wildfire."


If Michael frickin McDonald and Don Henley can do it, so can I....

"Risotto. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?"


Grasshopper- mushroom risotto sounds wonderful. I think I can only blame my dreams on early Halloween, fun size candy bars.

Snag... Snag, Snag, Snag....

This is pretty out there, Jennifer. I have not had any decent dreams because I keep getting elbowed in the back.

I forgot to add:

"by Helob."

To that sentence. Or something.

Elbowed in the back by Helob?!?! That would give me nightmares!!!

I would think the prelude to being elbowed in the back would give one more than decent dreams.

"Helping Jennifer" tag added retroactively.

(Helobing Jennifer: potential new tag, or new tag with potential? Let the debate begin.)

There will be absolutely no Helobing of Jennifer... now, or ever.

I wonder what Queen Latifah was doing there?


Duh, talking to Grizzled.

I wonder where the zombie was? I mean, besides the Eagles....

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