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October 18, 2007


Hey J, is it okay if I answer this here? I've already got something cooking for tonight...

1) I have to agree with you with Brazil. I love that movie. Best office movie ever.

2) I hate memes because my mind always goes completely blank when I see the questions.

3) Metamorphosis by Kafka.

4) I hate stand up.

Sorry! I don't think this is very exciting.

Wow, Claire was inviable even prior to meme replication. It looks like an enzymatic problem. Oh cruel natural selection....

Don't worry Claire, this was fine, and don't worry about that pesky enzymatic problem either.

Holy crap, this meme has more requirements than most PhD programs.

Yay for Lewis Black. I think when he's on, no one is better.

Hi Grammaw!

BP- I've got a rolled up paper and I'm not afraid to use it! Don't even make me get the spatula.

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