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October 08, 2007


It also wouldn't shut up and I think I still feel it talking back to me this morning.

Also, you can't ban it.


Other chains that are cool but there aren't many left- Spudnuts.

I saw a Dog and Suds in W. Lafayette- it looked really fun.

Dog and Suds, huh? I'll have to look for one. Even the A&W's are getting scarce around here.

Drive-ins with carhops are so neat. I haven't been to one in forever, but I just love them.

My brother-in-law takes his two young daughters to the A&W here at least once a month. Just their own little excursion they do together. I think that's creating great memories they'll remember forever.

I miss hot dog places.

Jennifer is banned.


hope the dog didn't whiff of grandparent.

Scott- the chili dog had no grandparent whiff whatsoever! That's why I was so confused about its delayed reaction... Had I detected even a trace of grandparent whiff, I would have thrown it out the window like the gastronomical grenade it was!

I blush.

Did you know they have olives in Spain?

BTW, I am here.">">here.

Doesn't suck.

fish? You're WHERE??? I click on the link and I get FORBIDDEN!!! Ok! I get it! You're somewhere where we're NOT. :(

Apparently, I too have been forbidden from reentering the town. I hope it had nothing to do with the "goat incident". But it looks a little like this.

good lord, how does a small fish swim all the way there???

Poor, poor fish... he must be suffering so in such a place. :(

I hope the goat was able to walk away. If Snag were talking about a goat incident, it'd be on a spit.

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