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September 25, 2007


That is *so* cute! That she gets all that Polly Pocket stuff. Too much.

"Damnster Neebles" -- sounds like royalty.


I mentioned this whole fiasco to UC last night. We both were resigned to the fact of how the lamblets were going to take it when you found her stench.

I'm so glad we were wrong!!!

Now put a lock on that cage.

Precious little difference between hamster and mouse.


Glad the little furry is back. Although I vote that he gets to keep his swag. After all, wasn't it just Pirate day? Maybe he was just out buckling his swash.

BG- I'm not even mentioning the royalty aspect to that rodent... she's got too much of a sense of entitlement already!

AG- I have to say, I was pretty resigned as well. I am glad I was wrong.

The cage does have a lock of sorts now. I'm thinking a different cage might be a better choice. This one had lots of bells and whistles, but is not very sturdy.

BP- you're right about there not being much difference between a mouse and the hamstare. As for the swag, I'd be tempted to let her keep it, but since I don't know how much of it is lead-tainted (!!!), I think it's coming out. I also don't want her gnawing on plastic, glittery beads. I'll give her a bit of carrot as a trade.

HOOORAY!!!! Long live Nibbles.

As for hamster vs. mouse, you need to ask Pinko Punko to tell you the best story ever about a pet hamster(?) at the liquor store.

That is too fricking cute. Long live Nibbles, the greatest Damnster in all of Illinois!

I built my own pens for my guinea pigs.

(We needed larger rodents).

BP- do you ever consider the capybara?

That is just because you eat them, BP.

Where's my pie, Jennifer? You best uphold your part of the bargain.

I put it in the mail this morning, Chuckles. The envelope was looking a little mushy, but I think it'll make it.

I can tell you a story about UC versus mouse. It involves his bravado and showing off for his new girlfriend.

Very cute story in many ways!

Well come on, AG! Pony up with the story!

This miraculous rescue must mean Neebles is God's Damnster.

You know Brando... last night when I went down to see if she was back, there were beams of radiant light emanating from her X-treme wheel! I thought it was due to its glow in the dark qualities... now I'm thinking I should go check her water bottle and make sure it's still water!

Oh no. I just had a thought.

It's safe for Snag to come out and seriously "play," now that Damnster Neebles is no longer in jeapardy!

Sna-ag!! Din-ner!! :)



Yeah, bp, I said jeopardy.

Now back off!

Precious little difference between hamster and mouse.

I disagree. Mice are usually a little gamier.

The darn little prankster!!! He deserves to be the subject on a halloween cookie!!! or...Fresh baked damster pie perhaps...

The world seems so empty now, all my pretty Polly Pocket gone. Pretty pretty Polly Pocket...

Yeah, bp, I said jeopardy.

Now back off!

My girl. BG: You rock.

Damnster- I'm so sorry. Your place looked fab and I realize all of the work you'd gone to decorating it, however, Polly Pockets are manufactured in China and hamsters are known for gnawing. I just couldn't take the chance.

Your world will be bright again, but bright with fresh produce and varied seeds... no one wants a faux brightness based on lead m'dear... well, Barbie might, but I noticed you left her stuff alone.

I cannot get over that Damnster Neebles just went for the Polly Pocket stuff.

I love it!! It's just too cute for words.


I agree BG. I am totally laughing at neebles love of the shiny polly pocket loot.

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