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September 23, 2007


OMG!!!!!!!!!! WANT!

I hope you find Neebles!

And I'm sorry the situation is forcing you to clean the basement.

Forgot to add....Neebles is very cute for a rat-like creature.

Neebles heard that BG and is on her way to Ohio to kick your hiny! Rat-like!??! Well... I NEVER! :)

After Neebles beats me senseless, I shall return her to your lamblets asap.

I just got myself a second ferret yesterday. Best pets ever.

Hope you find her, she's a cutie.

We have a squirrel named Squeegee whom we started to leave food for on the fire-escape outside our window. Nowadays he just comes through the window looking for food if we forget. He also drinks water from the cats' bowl. Our two cats (named Pip and Squeek) leave him alone. They seem to think he's part of the household now.

Great photo of the lost Nibbles. Good luck finding her... I've seen your basement, but was sworn to secrecy... :)

Oh great, now mDhAtTer, has two ratty creatures. I'm sure Happy is going to pitch a fit!

How you find the rat, I mean hamster.

UC might have advice. Ask him what his childhood hamster was named -- let's just say -- I suspect UC picked out the name!!

Congrats, mdhatter! Post pictures!

AG- no rat talk! As for UC, he's been here once in the past month! :( He might be bordering on rat territory!

Claire- the secrecy lasts a lifetime!!! Actually, the basement is much better than when you saw it, but if I were a hamster who was busting out, it'd still be the place to get lost in.

Dan- Squirrels! My eldest lamblet would be so jealous. She loves squirrels. We have plenty, but none that come to us for goodies. My grandfather used to call them when he'd sit in the yard, if they came, they got peanuts. On a really good day, they got my grandmother's peanut butter cookies. If he was inside, they'd come up and rattle the screen door to let him know he had forgotten something!

"Ahem! How's about a little something for the effort!?"

Do hamsters come when they're called?

Don't answer that, Jennifer! You know what Snag's thinking...

"Neebles! It's what's for dinner!"

Snag- I have a restraining order that says you and your bbq fork are not allowed within 10 yards of the rodential unit!

And yes, if in her cage, Neebles would come if called. However, if you call her and she comes, you must keep the appropriate distance!

BG- I was thinking the same thing...

Did you find Neebles, Jennifer?

BG- Nope... no sign of the ungrateful varmint. :-p

The eldest lamblet did mention though that she found the door open about a week ago and that Neebles was asleep in the top portion of the cage. She then spied a Polly Pocket tutu in there as well as some PP hair clips. We're leaving the door open in case she decides to return with booty. I hope she does.

I'm not sure there could be a cuter vision right now than what I'm picturing -- Neebles in a Polly Pocket tutu! That's so cute she goes to get the Polly Pocket stuff to bring back to her cage.

I hope you find her -- of course.

We could always send you one of our guinea pigs. We have three. You thought the rat comments were mean? Neddie says having a guinea pig for a pet is like taking care of a block of cheese.

"taking care of a block of cheese."

Ouch! Although, I am laughing as well. Would my rat eat your cheese?

I do hope we find her. I'm going to lecture her if we do... there are evils out there in the world! Silly Neebles!

Returns with booty! I love it.

No rat talk? How will I talk then?

UC has been busy with Jewish holidays and work. He's pushing max work density until at least the end of the month. It's good for him. He was never that into blogging anyway.

Send me a pie or I send Nibbles back slightly nibbled.

Oh, Jennifer, I really hope that Nibbles turns up safe and sound. My pet guinea pig escaped on two separate occasions. One time, he got away in my bedroom, and hid directly under the bed where we couldn't reach him. Solution, move the bed. Result, guinea pig adjusts to the new centre. We got him eventually. Another time, he went AWOL in the kitchen, and we located him between the dish washer and the cupboards, with about 2 inches of crawl space. He wouldn't come out with a food trap, so we had to move the dishwasher, which was no small feet. The way that we found him when he went missing was to pull out alfalfa and celery. The little guy loved veggies and would emit a very cute guinea pig squeal whenever he sensed food, i.e. whenever the fridge was opened. Worked every time. Sadly, my suggestion for Nibbles would be to look for droppings. Or you can try an infra-red detection during the night, if it's really dark in your basement. If she gets hungry, you can try leaving a little food trap that makes the box fall on her when she goes for the food. It's supposed to work on more domesticated rodents.

Good thing my kittens are far from your place Jennifer! yesterday there were wild turkeys wandering around our yard. (yes I live in a completely urban place) About 4x the size of our kittens. Kittens were extremely excited to go eat the turkeys. It was comedy.

UC- I was just reading about the safe food trap. They suggested a bucket and a ramp and lots of padding at the bottom.

Kathleen- that's too funny. What a sight on top of it.

I hope she turns up soon. I can't make a good hamster joke when she's in jeopardy.

I will not tolerate the guinea pig intolerance of this post.

It shows a clear sign of rodent favoritism.

Also, Squegee is an excellent name for a squirrel, if not other kinds of rodents.

And a ska band.

He names everything a ska band.

He's kind of kooky that way!


Sing "Take It Easy" along with me -- and like doing so or we're all going to be forever intolerant of guinea pigs.

Jus' sayin'.

DEAR MR BASEMENT, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL (so that i can find Neebles)

mr. raygun- I appreciate the sentiment, but it won't be necessary.

Someday, BG, you will wake up and find guinea pig dooky in your shoes.

They're stealthy that way.

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