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August 06, 2007


UC is now officially unbanned from reading anything in my Things a Mom Would Write category.

There's even a porn post in there!

What kind of fun (weird) mommy blogger am I?


I feel so Free.

BG, that porn post was teh funny.

I still don't feel welcome here, though.

Yes, UC... you're free to unbuckle and roam about the cabin of this blog.

Spider- I know you're a necessary evil, just do me a favor and don't look at me, don't chase me, don't crawl on me in my sleep and most of all, don't bite me!

There's an imposter among us!

That is not the real BG above!

Someone call the fuzz.

The Hot Fuzz.

Anyone see that movie?

It's great. This mommy thought so anyway.

Ok BG- I think I've gotten my comments straightened out! When I shifted your comment this morning, I just re-entered it with your name and then forgot to put mine back on. I don't think I've commented elsewhere as you... I guess you'll find out! :)

BG - I saw Hot Fuzz in the theatre twice, and seriously considered going a third time until I was talked out of it!!! By my so-called friends who now that I think about it really must not be!!!

hot Fuzz - approved by mommies and non-mommies alike!

Kathleen, wasn't it great? We rented it this weekend. Watched is Sat night and then again Sun night. That's the type of movie you can watch over and over again -- just to see them say their lines again, watch their facial expressions. Such good writing, acting. It was a *great* movie -- I highly recommend it.

"I highly recommend it."

Yeah, but... you're just... a mommy!

Their previous movie "Shaun Of The Dead" was a hoot, too.

"Kill the Queen! ....The jukebox!"

I'm so getting my brag on about Hot Fuzz. I saw it the day it opened out here in L.A. The theater I saw it in often has Q&As with the actors or the director or whatever. So for Hot Fuzz they'd advertised a Q&A with Edgar Wright. My friend and I got to the theater early and the last showing hadn't gotten out, the ticket taker said, "if you hurry, you can catch Quentin Tarantino." (Big whatevs from me on that) Anyway, they finally let out and out come Jack Black (short! but cute) and Tarantino (mouth still moving at a million miles an hour). We watch the movie. At the end, Out comes Eli Roth (director of Hostel), who introduces Jack Black, who introduced Tarantino (mouth still yapping), who introduces Edgar Wright, who introduces Nick Frost, who introduces Simon Pegg. Yup, a fully loaded Q&A!
And Tarantino is a tool.

Ok- I must now see Hot Fuzz.

Shayera- your night sounds like fun. I always figured Tarantino was a tool.

I saw Hot Fuzz at a sneak preview with all three dudes three weeks before it came out. I totally win the coolness combat in this thread.

Yeah, but... you're just... a mommy!

I love it. Love, love, love.

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