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July 15, 2007


Damn I love a road trip. And I could use one. But they cost money.

Unlike your oldest lamblet, H.o.p. is all for the portable DVD player. He isn't crazed over the passing scenery like I am. "Look, look!" I'll say and he nods vaguely. I was first exasperated and then figured whatever. But still he loves a long road trip and is always eagerly suggesting one because it leaks in the brain past the DVD somehow. He was on it again last night. "We need to go on a road trip!" He is sooo right.

They do indeed cost money, especially given the price of gas now. Somewhere in my mind, I always feel like they are so inexpensive, but once you start adding everything up, OUCH!

I love them as well though.

They must be in the air. I've had this post in the works for awhile and finally decided to finish it and put it up this morning. While taking a break, I went over to Mannion's. He's got a post about a 2-yr road trip!

I saw that one last night and was commenting on it last night and then Firefox wigged out on me and shut down and I lost my comment and didn't try another.

First, Happy Early Anniversary.

I'm a little impatient for really long road trips. We'll be driving 13 hours to the beach in a few weeks and it's just something I feel like I have to endure. Although, I do my best to notice what's around me as we're driving.

But, I also know that road trips with the family are memory building times. Flying to a vacation spot is just not as special as driving there. Everyone getting bored and tired and complaining, mixed with times of telling dumb jokes (Gotta make good time!) and playing silly road games. That's why, after it's all said and done, although I am impatient, I'm glad we drive to the beach. I know Blue Kid will remember those trips for a long, long time.

That sounds like a great adventure you went on! Great, great memory, I'm sure.

God, I love driving. The Lovely Bride and I went to Alaska for our honeymoon. Lots of driving, along with some rafting. It set the tone for the rest of our vacations. Putting the little weasels in the car and setting out, DVDs be damned, you're going to look at the scenery and you're going to enjoy it!

There are a couple of 1,000 mile trips planned for the summer, but that's nothing. This December, Snag and the boys heading for Texas, 10 days alone in a car. It's like a cage match.

Thanks BG.

I'm sure your 13 hrs on the road will be nothing but blog fodder! Just think of all of the insights, scuffles, anecdotes, etc, that can write themselves in 13 hours! You'll be craving more of the road, I know it. :)

Snag! You took my honeymoon!!! I want it back!!
And I fully expect to read about the "On the Road Cage Match". Do you have a police car divider between front and back seats?

Happy early anniversary! I *love* the story. Sounds ideal to me.

great post! I did a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway for my honeymoon - just wonderful.

He had been with me through the stage of keeping my coffee maker at the foot of my bed so that when the alarm went off I could merely lean forward and push, "On"!


Kathleen, "I did a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway for my honeymoon - just wonderful."

The Skimmer and I did that. So, so, so awesome. I cried, it was that beautiful. I'd take that road trip again, with the radio playing and wind blowing through my hair, in two seconds flat.

TLB and I travel really well together. Our greatest "road trip" was flying to Scotland and driving around the country for a week. We always talk a lot and play music for each other. I'm even a little excited that, for our annual beach vacation in North Carolina, we're flying to Raleigh and get to drive together for a few hours.

Congrats on the date and wedding anniversaries!

Brando- your Scotland trip sounds like fun. Extra credit to you for extended the road trip to foreign lands!!

Kathleen and BG- the Pacific Coast Highway trip sounds like heaven. I've been on part of it, but never the whole trip.

Have never done the Pacific Coast Highway either.

An exciting thing about road trips certainly is putting together all the music. Before our last road trip I wanted Morricone and found none of the stores here had it! So I had to order at the last minute and was so desperate for it that I had it delivered to our destination so that we could at least listen to it once we got there and on the way back.

Idyllopus- music is very important to the tone of the drive. There are times when I've chosen by personal desires and times when I've let fate decide (if you're driving through WI, that means LOTS OF FOGHAT! :))

There are also times I've chosen a soundtrack for my trip by what would keep young lamblets calm. Never underestimate the power of Dragon Tales! The theme song still reminds me of The Roches.

However... I've never had my tunes de jour shipped to my destination! Wow! That is intense.

Happy Anniversary! That's awesome.

I've never been one for a road trip. I don't know why, other than I prefer to fly and just end up doing that. Thus, for me it's about backpacking. If one can backpack thru Europe for two weeks or more and NOT kill their travel partner, they will make it 20 plus years!

I used to get horribly car sick, so riding in cars was not my favorite thing. When he and I drove from Houston to California for a summer internship in the early days of our marriage, it was in a Triumph Spitfire with the top down all the way (and all the way back.) I had really long hair, and a horrible sensitivity to bright light so while HE was enjoying that ride, I was swathed in sunglasses and scarves. It was part of learning to live together despite different tolerances for the things the other person loved. Now, I love road trips, too, because I found I can knit (which I love) without getting car sick while he drives (which he loves). We play all kinds of music or listen to non-fiction audiobooks (Krakatoa was the best so far). Rushing back to the car after a Diet Coke break for more 'story' adds to the feeling of being young and on the move. Known each other for almost 40 years - married for almost 32.

I remember that Spitfire. Wasn't that the one with the tape label in it that said He wasn't Mario Andretti? And what about Pig Boat? Did you ever do road trips in Pig Boat?

Coffee is such a big seller that coffee makers have had to keep up with the demand. Many companys that manufacture coffee makers know that have new technology with new features will keep them going strong. Many new machines have been released to allow for the new flavors and textures that Americans love in their coffee. Mochas and lattes are the tip of the iceburg.

coffee maker has supplanted citrus lover as my favortie commenter.

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