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June 05, 2007


I'm a waterfall too. I'm also a unicorn, which makes my inner 8 year old squeal with joy.

When I took the quiz I got a message that the proper authorities had been notified. Is that supposed to happen?

I'm like a waterfall as well. I am a sucker for a quiz.

Snag, I was thinking, you are probably you're own natural disaster. :)

Claire, you and my oldest lamblet will have to discuss former go rounds with unicorns.

Kathleen, I hear you on the quiz. I keep hoping, no matter how inane, that some mystery will be unlocked and all of the answers to my life will fall into place.

Why do I need to sign in all over the place when just last week I already belonged.
Maybe I took the wrong quiz. The result was so insulting I'm not divulging what sorry thing it turns out I really am.

Anyone else out there always get the moralistic fortune in fortune cookies? I don't even look at them anymore, it upsets me too much. My husband assures me, however, I still am advised: to stop thinking of myself all the time. Or, You will find happiness only when you stop caring what other people think of you. Likewise, prosperity will come your way only after you start spending money on **other** people. Just one more? Try to look past your own shadow or or wisdom will always elude you.
So if we're ordering in, I vote for pizza.

grasshopper!!! Come on, pony up with the answer! What did you get? I can't even imagine.

As far as signing in, I didn't have to sign in for anything for the quiz so maybe you can just ignore it. If you had to sign in over here, maybe our blogs have a glitch. Yours never remembers my personal info even if I check the box to remember. :(

I always vote for pizza. :)

Waterfall, too, and then on top of that I took the alcholic drink quiz and was a fruity cocktail. My quiz self sounds like a Massengil's commercial.

Brando- I took the alcoholic drink quiz as well and you guessed it... fruity cocktail! You need to take the precious gem quiz now and see if we are indeed the same person.

Massengils... LOL.

Maybe Snag can come up with a "What kind of road kill are you?"

Maybe Snag can come up with a "What kind of road kill are you?"

that is brilliant.

"I took the alcholic drink quiz and was a fruity cocktail. My quiz self sounds like a Massengil's commercial."

Brando, you are so great. lol.

I'm a waterfall, too.

You know, Left-Eye went chasing waterfalls, and look what happened to her.

So - I'm a waterfall, a seahorse, a sapphire. I am SOOOO unusual - but 36-38% of the people who take the quiz get the same result I do.... Hmmmm.

I was a sapphire as well. I'll have to take the sea creature one. I was wondering if we're all getting similar results since like attracting like. Maybe on some other blog everyone's a forest fire and a ruby.

Can I just add that this particular quiz totally blows! Yeah, we all love the weather to be cold and stormy. Sure. I think you have to get more nuance in answers to explore functional variation in natural wonder outcome. For example, when referring to weather, if you asked instead:

a) Hot and dry
b) Warm with a light breeze
c) Brisk and bright
d) Tropical depressions

I'm sure we could start to see divergence in preference. There is no point to offer humid as a choice. Does anybody like the weather to be humid? I mean outside of Plovers and emu-wrens?

But I'm a total sucker for quizzes. I really want to do the "What kind of pork do you prefer?" quiz!

Okay, okay, it was a lame quiz, but I was at a loss for what to post! Sometimes filler is just filler.

I could only stand to take two quizzes and then no more. I imagine you can guess what kind of a natural wonder or disaster I am.

AG was also a waterall: everything pisses her off!

I got the sapphire and then, for the last Jimmy Choo to the nuts, I was a Unicorn in the mythic beast quiz. It's a good thing my wife already wears the pants. I will now depart for the forest, where I will eat raw meat and bang on a drum made until I can at least turn into a sandstorm or a double of whiskey.

"and then, for the last Jimmy Choo to the nuts, I was a Unicorn..."


Now I'm picturing you frolicking in the forest. Tra-LA, tra-LA! Can unicorns play Guitar Hero?

They can, but only on Easy, because they can't do chords with their horns.

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