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June 12, 2007


Awesome shot!

That really is one great shot and one beautiful post. If you are talking about birds, you can be sure that UC is going to be by soon...

what a great tale, and what fabulous serendipity! Your karma must be powerful in the animal kingdom.

I just finished writing about how life is so great in the summer, returned from a beautiful summer walk along the Mississippi and then had the great fortune of wandering into your backyard... Can it get any better??

Mary Jane- you're welcome in my backyard anytime.

That's great Jennifer. I've been seeing a tonne of great city birds lately. A Northern Oriole flew by twice last Saturday and would you believe it, last week, I caught a pretty good view of a Tufted Titmouse. Not to be confused with a booby, of course :-)

AG and I saw a fantastic immature hummingbird in Berkeley last month hanging on the edge of a branch for dear life in the wind. The mom would come by about every fifteen minutes for a feeding, and that little thing did not much an inch the entire time we saw it.

It looks like my kids at the dinner table, except the cardinals have better manners.

AG called that UC sighting!

Schmoopies, don't forget the bird making robin news or whatever that bird was that you haard at Longwood Gardens and the Hawk on Park St. that wanted to kick your ass and AG was all 'Birdie?!'

Great picture!

an eagle hit our car on the highway on my recent trip. it was bizarre.

first, it rammed into the side of a truck on the other side(a good half mile away), fell to the ground, writhed around and then suddenly took off, hit our windshield, fell down, and in less than a minute, took off like a rocket.

and my camera was out of batteries, too....

We have a small bird house which hangs about a foot from the kitchen window from the eaves. For several years pairs of black-capped chickadees have raised spring broods in the house. They appear suddenly, work incredibly hard bringing small offerings of bugs alternately while the other parent waits on the nearby power wire. They signal with the characteristic chee-chee-chee call that they are there. This goes on constantly during daylight hours for several weeks. Then they are gone just as suddenly, mission apparently accomplished. We never see the chicks, but we enjoy having a small role in the process.

We have a cardinal "couple" living in our backyard too. One afternoon I was sitting out on our back deck. I had arrived just in time to see quite a show. I have yet to do my cardinal research to try and figure out if these two were courting or just frolicking for fun, but I watched them as they flew in circles about six feet off the ground and right in front of me. They'd land on a tree branch, flirt and sing, then take off again to do more circles. This went of for a good twenty minutes. I felt privileged to be their audience. I too tried to capture this moment with my digital camera but alas, they moved too quickly and I don't know enough about my camera to change the settings. Darn.

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