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June 27, 2007


I still can't believe you went through the Conservatory pregnant. That's crazier than a sketch that doesn't involve two people at a restaurant!

I am glad to be tagged as I was having trouble coming up with material this week. I always work well on assignment!

#5 is flipping awesome.
I totally did #6, too.

Fine...we will take this exclusion as a direct hit on RoD.

And it's DOCTOR UC!

I don't really care how my name is said, as long as it goes something like this: First name, Doctor. Middle name, Period. Last name, UC.


Doctor. Schmoopies.

Re: #5 Lucky lucky lucky Grizzled.

Jennifer, my meme is up on 3B. I hope you aren't too disappointed.

ok I posted mine. I didn't tag anyone though. I'm that person that doesn't forward the chain letter, so no one gets 50 pairs of underwear.

Bossy never DID like getting tagged. Neat facts over here, though.

Bossy, you're still not safe... there are many people searching for the next 8 victims!

Victims would be the correct term.

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