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June 04, 2007


Your flowers are beautiful!

And UC would never do jazz hands for AG. He did do something once in NY at AG's request. He was a sport, but it freaked AG out too much so he's a. not allowed to do it again b. probably wouldn't want to and c. we never speak of that day. Wah Wah.

AG, this is a family blog. Let's try to keep it clean, shall we?

Frankly, I'm wondering what it was that UC did that freaked out AG so! I can't imagine much would freak out AG.

Shall we take bets?

OH!!! Something just popped into my mind! OH!!

Really pretty, Jennifer. I have a two year old clematis down by the mailbox. It's just one of the purple ones, but it's thriving and I'm thrilled.

I, too, love summer flowers. Actually, any flowers -- especially the ones that don't die a slow death by my black thumb.

Not a flower, but more amazing color.

No way!! That photo has got to be doctored! I've seen plenty of wrens before, but never a blue baby like that.

It's a fairy-wren not a regular wren, which ends up meaning it's more closely related to crows and orioles than to ordinary wrens. It's closest relative is (how could I make this up?) the emu-wren!

Ooooh! It's not just a fairy-wren, it's a SPLENDID fairy-wren!

I'm now searching for photos of the emu-wren... I wonder if the male has a pork snorkel??

It's very>cute!

We have the occasional Indigo Bunting in our backyard.

The first time I saw one I was mesmerized. The feathers ran from intense cerulean to ultramarine. So exotic and so beautiful.

That's a pretty bird as well!

We have pigeons.

I miss pigeons! My oldest lamblet misses pigeons. You can never get as close to another bird as you can a pigeon.

I saw a bluebird on Memorial Day. It was blue.

Snag, you are such a perv. You are a freaking perv!

And J-Lo, pretty much everything freaks out the real AG. It's UC that doesn't get freaked out. We just had this conversation the other night. Only once does AG remember UC freaking out and it was from going to the doctor. He was freaking OUT! He was trying to eat better the week before, walk more than 10 miles a day, etc.

Of course AG was all, you are soooo dead!

I think you should totally take bets in a post and AG, which UC's permission will post what it was.

I don't think however UC will let AG tell.

More fairy-wrens and emu-wrens.

OMG! It's wren-a-palooza!

Those fairy-wrens are adorable. I think the emu-wrens are overcompensating for something with that tail...

There is something weird about that tail -- it looks almost fake.

Especially in this pic where one of the emu-wrens is looking around all suspicious-like as if fearful of being caught glueing the other one's tail on.

Busted for using tail extensions!

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