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May 07, 2007


Okay, I'm gonna ask it before one of the women do:

why can't Grizzled bring up the piles of laundry? No laundry, no foam rubber, no thoracic jabulation.

If everybody blamed the cicadas, maybe we'd have less bigotry. But we'd probably just have more DDT; then we'd all have flippers.

Hi bp. In Grizzled's defense, he brings up plenty of laundry. He's not against doing laundry, transporting laundry, etc. He's just insanely busy right now and since I'm the one who's around more often, he's hoping I'll be kind and do it. I've been treating the laundry room like it's everybody's closet lately. :)

And no matter how whacky those whacked out cicadas get, I hope nobody poisons them! They're just doing their thang. I wish I had as much focus as they must have right now. They have a mission and by GOD they're going to do it!

I've bottomed out... I am now jealous of the cicadas...

As for flippers, those could be fun. I could be jabbed in the thorax with a flipper!

Man, the cicadas have not sprouted yet in DC. The Brood X year was awesome!

Sucks about your nightmares.

Chuckles- I believe we're Brood XIII. I must admit, I'm kind of looking forward to it, even if they are sucking my life energy and causing me nightmares. They're a convenient scape cicada. But as you said, it promises to be awesome.

I have a regular nightmare that I come home from work and find a hellish brood of children lying in wait. Then they start punching me in the thorax and I realize it's not a dream.

Snag, they're probably not punching you in the thorax, but are attempting to give you the Heimlich. They probably think you're choking on some elk or some rhino.

Why are they waving my life insurance policy in my face then?

Everyone knows you can't dislodge elk. It's against the bylaws. They merely want to look like they're saving you or they can't cash in.

Darn it Jennifer, you made me laugh so hard I snorted an antler out my nose!

When your house growls back at you, you know you're in the dog house but good.

Try laying out some doggy treats before you go to bed as a propitiatory gesture.

You think I'm joking.

I'm not.

UC ate the cicadas. You know--he'll eat anything.

I hear the pooped thing. We are booked every weekend this month and only one is in Boston. Aaaarrrrggggggggh. Try to hang in there!

Snag- bummer about the antler.

Idyllopus- interesting slant. Given how things are going, I'm more than willing to put offerings of doggie treats on my window sills!

AG- I'm sure UC has a whole passel of cicada recipes. Can you make gefilte cicadas?

As for the weekends, although it is nice to be busy, to be interacting, I find it overwhelming when it's merely the beginning of the month and the month is already booked. I see a day when I could truly embrace the hermit lifestyle.

I had a weird dream last night where there was a large congregation of men outside my window listening to loud music and then on the command of one of them, they all started attacking the buildings and I almost fell out of my window on top of them! And it was one of those dreams where you're asleep and you can't wake up in your dream to save yourself.

Then I actually woke up suddenly and everything was quiet. Way more quiet than usual. That's because the power was out. ComEd had been leaving me voice mails and I forgot to set my cell phone alarm. It was not a good night's sleep.

(I mean that ComEd had been leaving me voicemails about a power outtage between midnight and three am and I forgot.)

Odd dream, Claire! Are you Rapunzel?
ComEd calls now? When the heck did that happen? That sounds almost civil. Were they doing rolling blackouts? Did the warm temps yesterday use up all of their power?

You pay extra in the summer and yet the warm weather is usually the time they ask people to not use their AC's or fans because they draw to much power. Yes, we're paying for more power, but we won't use it.

Hey, why didn't Frank jab you in the thorax? He should have woken you up from your dream. :)

I have no idea when they started leaving voicemails, but they left me two. I think the workers must have been making noise and it invaded my dreams somehow. Monsieur Le Chat was not in the room at the time.

He's more of a kugelizer. He'll kugel anything if you give him a chance.

I'm totally going to buy origami paper this afternoon and plan on making a bunch of these">">these and am going to leave them on co-workers desks.

AG- OMG! I'm not sure why, but Cicada Kugel is not sounding like much of a stretch! I wonder if McDonald's will get in on it. McCicada Nuggets could be interesting and would probably be healthier than the nugget.

Does McDonald's have a McKugel?

Claire! my youngest lamblet made one of those in school last week. They look very cool when they are finished.

Was it Celebrity Foam Rubber?

PP- for a moment I thought it was David Hasselhoff, but no... it as not a celebrity. :(

"E mair gin zee! Ev er ee bohd ee to geet vrom street!"

Great movie.

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