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May 14, 2007


They serve Blue Moon at most establishments in Door County. I was babysitting some kids about ten years ago up there and I asked one of them what flavor Blue Moon was. Was it blueberry? He looked at it and had a lick and looked some more and licked some more and finally said, "It's blue."

I always love Blue Moon, too, Jennifer. Haven't had it in forever and the taste of it is ... right out of reach in my mind ... right on the tip of my tongue, so to speak.

Wow. People who heart their ice cream straight out of the test tube.

I bet you had just purchased some Blue Moon and were under its virtual influence when you remarked on Blue Sunset.

Chuckles- it is blue-tasting. It's kind of berry-like, but it's also kind of fake... like Fruit Loops.

BG- why am I not surprised that Blue Girl likes Blue Moon?!?

Idyllopus- if I had to choose one fave, it would be chocolate chip... nice and natural! But, if I'm going for petro-chemical ice cream in neon colors, I'm going for Blue Moon, baby!

I'll let you know if it comes in a test tube. :)

Idyllopus- You're probably right! I should go back and compare times. Spooooky.

Jennifer, I curse you and this post of yours! Curse you!

Now, all I can think about is the ice cream truck. And what's inside of one of those that I'd like to have right now. (Was Blue Moon an ice cream truck offering? I can't remember.)

What was the little thing with the gumball at the bottom? And why am I craving it if I can't even remember what it was?

How 'bout some Italian Ice? With one of those little flat wooden spoony things.

Here's the question.

Should I go to Dairy Queen?

Darnit! Not ice cream truckish, but it would work.

BG- Blame Pinko. It was his blog that opened up in full Blue Moon color!

Blue Moon, as far as I recall, was only available at ice cream shops. I know in recent years, I have gotten it at the grocery store, but it was not what I recalled from childhood.

It does kind of have a bubble gum flavor, but not solely bubble gum. I know the thing you're talking about and that's not it. It might do in a pinch.

And... you're craving it because it's Bloooooooooo! You may not remember it, but your DNA does. Trust me.


I just got back from Dairy Queen.


Pinko would've been proud of my chocolate cone technique.


You have now killed me by making me aware of I hope you can live with yourself with my busted guts on your hands.

Sorry fish... again, I say, go tell it to Pinko. Yesterday, what had merely been a little light blue border on the 3B blog had instead shown up in full "BUY BLUE MOON ICE CREAM NOW!" fashion. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's in cahoots with

Man, I am so glad I was too busy yesterday afternoon to check over here, because then I would have had to get ice cream somewhere, and that wouldn't have fit in my schedule. I know I've had blue moon ice cream before...

I meant to go to my favorite ice cream place while I was home (Graeter's,, BG, they have that in Cleveland, right? 'cause it's the best ice cream in Ohio), and ran out of time. DAMN AND BLAST! It's too early for ice cream now.

Dammit, Graeter's delivers, too. Jennifer, you're such a bad influence.

It's my job.... :)

I like nerds blizzards from DQ. The brothers of indeterminate number always stop in the DQ in Two Rivers, WI and scare the bejeezzus out of the counter girl when we order stuff.

Chuckles- you need to pronounce that *T'rivers". Grizzled has relatives up in Manitowoc. Of course that is pronounced, Maniduhwahk.

Best case study on a purchasing decision ever!

J- my wife comes from Trivers.

Chuckles, I can imagine your brothers scaring people in Trivers. They are easily startled by the strange and unusual.

Brando- is that good or bad???

bp- are you familiar with the Happy Schnapps Combo?

i am yet to have an ice cream from DQ, except the ice cream cake. which was quite satisfactory.

fortunately for me, the temperatures here are in the upper 40'sC = 105+F which is ideal ice-cream weather.

whereas i ahve never had blue moon ice cream, i do occasionally get to enjoy the magic that is kulfi. so i cant say i'm totally jealous

Kulfi?!?! I've never had it, but it sounds fabulous! Can you order it over the internetz? Is there a

you can make it at home if you have lots of patience* and the right ingredients.

1)at least 2 quarts of milk(if you can get buffalo that would be AMAZING), which needs to be boiled down to half it's volume - if you really have the patience, boil it down to a quarter and you can skip step 3.

2) lots of sugar(2 cups?), as much as you can get to dissolve in the milk. of course, this depends on your tolerance.

3) some cornflour/other thickening agent to make a paste out of the milk.

4) some kulfi flavouring - a bit of ground cardamom(aka cardamon), a smaller bit of saffron.

5) long time in the freezer. overnight is probably best.

*patience may be substituted with the following:

1) Instant kulfi mix - available at a lot of indian stores across the world. Gits(yes, you read that right) is the most well-known of these, although MTR et. al are not too bad. the only known way to screw up kulfi is to be born as W or Deadeye Dick.

2) quick trip to india, to get the true taste and variety, including a delicious semi-persian delight called royal kulfi falooda which is about the best thing one's taste buds can ever enjoy after a day in the oven that is my city.

"if you can get buffalo that would be AMAZING"

I think I can order one online!!!

Thanks for the recipe. It sounds worth trying.
Option 2 sounds like the ideal, but since I'm not sure I can squeeze a trip to India in in the near future, I'll try making it first.

Now I have to go look up royal kulfi falooda!

How long does it take to boil down a buffalo?

About as long as it takes to boil down a bison.

Jennifer, I know the real reason you have blue moon on the brain! The western hemisphere is going to experience a Calendar Blue Moon this month!

According to the House of Flavors in Ludington, Blue Moon is nutmeg flavored. I have photographic proof, if you'd like me to share.

We're having a blue moon this month! Cool. Well, then I ordered my ice cream at the perfect time.

And I was going to ask aif if I could substitute bison milk. Snag would probably just use the leftover milk from his Siamese cheese.

I must now go check the dates of the full moons. It's the second that is the blue one, correct?

Mike!! Welcome to the comments! Pony up with the photographic proof. Don't be shy!

Nutmeg... that surprises me. I don't think of eggnog when I think of Blue Moon, but the color may be throwing my brain for a Fruit Loop.

Wait, was AG out of town on a hating Pinko Punko thread? Dammit.

AG blames Pinko period. Seriously, blame Pinko!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where the heck was I in July of 06??? How could I have missed this discussion!??!

Thanks Mike. I'll keep nutmeg in mind. Maybe that is the enigmatic flavor that blends with the synthetic berry.

It's Pinko's fault I can't carry a tune?

Somebody. Turn. Off. This. Girl's. Computer. Before. She. Damages. Her. Readers. With. Thoughts. Of Delicious. Ice. Cream. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

bp- I say go ahead! Blame Pinko!

Bossy- sorry...

J- we have a bunch of kulfi places out here, so when you visit, we'll hook you up.

also, Jesus H Gross, BG! COME ON! DO NOT OVER LICK THE CONE. YUCK. Blech. Splarch. Bleh.

I feel like I've never heard of Blue Moon, is it a Ditka kinda thing?

From Wikipedia:

"One ice cream stand (now defunct) in Plattsmouth, NE offered a Blue Moon ice cream with similar flavoring to the totally unrelated Blue Moon Beer. This flavor tasted like what you would expect a light blue marshmallow to taste like, minus the marshmallow taste."


Pinko's all..."I know everything there is to know about NENA! And you don't, BG, you chunderhead? GET WITH IT. What's Blue Moon ice cream?"

And yet.

And yet.

Which is more important?

I say Blue Moon ice cream.

PP loses.


Great post, Jennifer. Blue is absolutely my favourite flavour of colours.

UC you lie like a dog! AG has seen you eat caramel cone off that dirtee kitchen floor of yours because you dropped it.

PP loses.


This is why BG is the great-est. GREAT-EST!

PP sucks it, AGAIN!

FYI: Blue Moon Beer is super tasty.

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