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May 02, 2007


Perhaps they, too, have been reading Goerge W.'s "reasons" for vetoing Congress's $124 billion Iraq exit fund bill...I know it's driving me crazy. And when I get crazy, I usually get angry, and there's quite the fine line between rage and lust.

I'm not sure what's scarier... lusty robins or robins full of rage. Both seem to go against the robin image, don't you think?

As far as W's reasoning goes... I can barely listen anymore.

Sounds like bird rabies. You'd best lock the door and avoid making eye contact with them.

Maybe they were raised under power lines and their brains are all screwed up.

Flourescent lights mess with the pineal glands in pigeons and possibly in humans, so maybe these robins are tweaking on a hormone cocktail.

Didja ever see The Birds?

Don't buy any love birds and nail boards over the fireplace.

bp- yeah, yeah... I've seen The Birds. :)

These robins though seem goofy as opposed to maniacal. Of course, this could all change. I wouldn't mind if it changed if Rod Taylor came to save me. :)

We all thought George W. Bush was just goofy and look how that turned out.

Jennifer, whatever you do, DO NOT READ the short story "The Birds," because it will freak you out more about the robins. Just reading this this morning gave me a bit of a flashback to reading it last spring.

Chuckles- what about the new compact fluorescents that are so popular? Am I rewiring my brain as I speak?

Snag- thanks, I feel so much better. Maybe the robins are getting ready to invade Iran.

Claire- I have never read that short story, but am now curious. Will it mess with my head as much as "The Stand" did?

I haven't read the Stand, so can't compare. All I'm telling you is that when DuMaurier is on, she's fantastic and crawls up under your skin and freaks you out. I read a great collection of her short stories last year that started with "The Birds."

This is why AG puts up bug zappers: for eating insects, birds and chipmunks.

Claire- I think the only DuMaurier I've read was "Rebecca", which I loved. I may have to mess with my mind and read "The Birds".


I don't know about the compact flourescents. Bug zappers are cool.

That way the chipmunks are precooked when you scoop them up.

pre-cooked chipmunks

Mmmm... There's the only thing better than pre-cooked bacon.

I think you should catch one of those robins (use a shirt [preferably flannel] and shoebox) and let the dog "interrogate" it. Better check it for explosives too.

"I think you should catch one of those robins (use a shirt [preferably flannel] and shoebox) and let the dog "interrogate" it. Better check it for explosives too."

I'll let you know if the dog gets any dirt.

New idea: It could be West Nile Virus. This paper just came out:

UC, get a life! This thread is over. Stop trying to woo Jennifer with your scientifically slutty ways.

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