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May 06, 2007


"Oh, That Alan"

LOL! I've always loved that song.

Thanks, Jennifer! For the post, video and big 'ol box of Whippets this week! (For all you reading, I got a surprise package earlier in the week filled to the brim with Whippets from Jennifer!@!@!@!)

I'm going to spend a leisurely day blogging, reading, puttering, toiling, pondering, remembering, looking forward, etc. And then later in the day, I'll be doing my best not to be discussing America's screwed up foreign policy with right wing family members!

How fun!


You may be asking can BG toil in a leisurely fashion?

Cuz it's my birthday and I can do what I want!


Whippets the dog? Or Whippets the illegal drug. I don't like joking about drugs.


Happy birthday, Blue Girl!

Me too: "Happy Birthday, Blue Girl!"

Jennifer, this has nothing to do with BG (sorry), but I just found this. Can we NOT make a cicada rhubarb pie when we get together in June?


Claire- They were saying on the news this morning that cicadas are high in calories and people could easily overdo it. I guess the caramel covered ones I had planned are out.

I say we stick with the tried and true strawberry/rhubarb combo. I may throw in a Bumble Berry pie if the berries are decent by then. I'll put it out in honor of Lance who still won't get any.

Oh good. :) Whew.

Is it a mega brood year for you people west of the Appalachians? Cicadas are bitter, or so I've heard.

You're right, Chuckles. They are predicting 1.5 million per acre.

Cicadas are bitter? How so? Taste-wise or attitudinally? Are they bitter about having to stay underground for so long or bitter about having to come out? Do tell!

"They are predicting 1.5 million per acre."


Oh my God.

I can't even imagine such a thing.

Yep, 1.5 million. If the area is pretty dry, it will only be around 300,000. Still A LOT! My area is not dry... I'll be curious to see how we do.

I am lucky though in that I don't live in a mansion on acres of land as some people do... I'll have fewer overall than those mansion-dwellers...

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