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May 18, 2007


I would like to add that my tea tasted 1.5X more delicious in the full frito coffee mug than any other mug I have used. It's somehow as if the flavour has a greater complexity and aroma - in a way I can't quite place my finger on it.

I'd never heard of the term Frito before.

I bit too.

Idyllopus- have you ever had or do you have a dog? If not, their feet take on a peculiar Frito-esque scent. It's not necessarily bad... it's just... Fritoey.

I can't believe I'm associated with such a situation as this. In print even. On enamel! Being sold on the Internetz! What have I come to?

You lucked out, BG. I could not get a good photo of Smokey Dog AND you in the same shot. Of course, Smokey Dog won. :)

I'll have you know though, it's getting numerous hits. I'll be happy to update and let them know BG is indeed at the low end of the Frito scale. :)

Yes, we've had several dogs. Don't have one currently. Our Irish Setter, Nessa, had barely any smell at all, ever. Tuesday, half Australian Blue Tick and half English Setter, was just plain stinky. She had skin problems and smelled greasy 11 months out of the year, no matter what we did, and no vet was ever able to help. I suppose one could describe it as being hit with a two ton truck of Fritos.

Idyllopus- I know that greasy stink. Our dearly departed Wilson (a pound hound) had that scent. I wonder if it is associated with short, dense hair? Anyhow, Grizzled and I decided at one point to name our home, "Steeping Pooch", especially in the summer.

I enjoy the occasional Frito... but a two ton truck!?! Gack!!!

Hee-hee. I just saw your update. You're funny. I didn't know the whole "Frito" thing was real. I thought PP made it up. (Why on earth would I think something like that, I wonder?)

I only ever had one dog. A little white poodle who got run over by a car at my Grandma's house after we had her for only a few months.

Sad, sad story.

Now that I know it's a real thing, I'm not sure I could live with a stinky animal who smells like frito's. Ew kind of.




The boys say "hi" and that they love you, J.

BG- it's not a totally bad thing... in a sick, primate kind of way. :)

PP- of course the boys lahve me. You tell them I lahve them right back.

BG- I forgot to add, it's really just the paws! The entire animal doesn't smell of Fritos... we could only be so lucky! It's merely the paws and it's kind of endearing... again in that kind of primate "I'm picking nits off of your head" kind of way. :)

I don't even want to know the science behind the Frito scent. Do you hear me UC?!?!? Nooooo science telling me what I'm really sniffing!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

This may be too personal a question but I'm wondering if you guys all know each other or if you met over the internet. Because it always sounds like old home week over here. Except the kind of old home week where people are miraculously still speaking to each other and interested in what the other person's doing. So in a way it doesn't sound much like old home week after all.

Idyllopus- what a nice yet funny question. I don't personally know 98% of these people in any other way than through the miraculous internets. I only know a couple of people here who comment in person and they rarely comment since we email or talk on the phone... or talk in person. What a novelty!

Maybe that's why we can still feel the luv... we haven't had to be in the same room with each other for a weekend. :) Lord knows (as any family reading this can vouch) that can be tough.

I will say though that I certainly feel like I know the people here even though I know better. I got lucky and lucked into a bunch of people who just feel comfortable (you included).

Ok. I get the Frito Love thing. At first, I was like, EW! Smelly Frito dog paws! But, then when I really stopped to think about it, I got it. We've got three cats and I know lots of people hate cats and I love them. So, in that same way, I understand how you can cherish Frito Paws.


Idyllopus, you're right. It is so comfortable with this group. They're the best. I've never met any of these chunderheads in person, but they're all great.

Except for you Pinko.

Pugs also smell in their faces because of their wrinkles, so only Puggies can be FULL FRITO!

We always got accused at 3B of all going to high school together, and I'm all "what, us total strangers? I don't even know Yosef's real name!"

Actually I do know Yo Yo's real name, but just barely.

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