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April 18, 2007


That's hilarious. Did you ever watch Frontier House (or the like) on PBS? The reality show where people live in olden times? I totally would have died, too, if I was transported back to then.

Claire! I LOVED Frontier House! I've watched all of those "House" thingies on PBS and would do one in a second. I either had kids who were too young or I missed the application deadline.

Grizzled and I soothed ourselves with the notion that if we had been pioneers, we would have been used to a different level of grunt work. One can only hope.

I love the Barbie sod house. You should have lined up some Barbies and Kens and kiddos in front of it and done up a sepia-toned photo.

"Frontier House" irritated the hell out of me. Most of these people moved out West with several families of relatives and/or other people from their area. Not saying it didn't happen but I believe it would've been the exception that they didn't move with a decent support network. Plus they already were farmers, mostly, used to grunt work as you note, and psychologically they were readier for the situation. Plus there was the psychological advantage of knowing you had to make it.

I watched "Frontier House" for the sole purpose of hissing at it and jumping up and down every so often ranting about how stupid it was. In that respect it was at most a good substitute for baseball.

As for me, yeah, one winter on the Prairie and I'd probably have been dead.

Idyllopus- I thought the CA family was the most interesting. The man, a self-acknowledge history buff, really had no working knowledge of history.

I am also surprised by women who don't understand why they can't play their 21st century roles in late 1800's. There were many women on Ranch House who just didn't get that they were trying to recreate a woman's life from the late 1800's.

The instance that was amusing on Colonial House was when people were offended that they were expected to go to church. In that time, it was done and they were going back to try to recreate that time.

I still like the shows, for all of their lacking. And yes, they are good to yell at!

As for using Barbies, I had thought of that (not the sepia tone, that would have been wonderful!), but Babs is such a hard one to make look wizened and she's always smiling. Most of the people in photos of that time are never smiling.

I actually don't know if I saw Frontier House one, but it's the only name that popped in my head. I *hated* the Texas Ranch House one. My favorite was the one where they lived like early settlers on the East coast. Colonial House?

And I loved the Regency House Party, but that's just because I have a weakness for English accents and Jane Austen.

Claire- the east coast one does sound like Colonial House.

The main woman on Ranch House was JUST a piece of work. That whole family was a piece of work.

I don't know if I saw Regency House Party. I saw Manor House and 1900 House, both British productions. I'll have to look into the House Party.

Manor House was interesting. I watched that with my parents, as I had just moved back in with them for the third or fourth time. I was not surprised that the coach boy and scullery maid hooked up. She was hot.

Chuckles, you horn dog. Hey, do you have utilities again or are you still giving yourself sponge baths?

I've always had this vision of a pioneer wife looking at her husband during that first winter on the northern plains and asking, "What the HELL were you thinking?"

On Frontier House, they had a couple that was having marital issues and the stress of pioneer life was not helping. The historical experts said it was not unusual for spring to come around and a spouse had just *disappeared*.

Did you ever read "Giants in the Earth"? If I recall, Beret was indeed wondering WTF!??!

My Lovely Bride often wonders WTF!??!

I have both internet and electricity. YAY ME!

Chuckles, I hear you on the maid and the coachman. They were both cute.

Check out Regency House Party, they are all cute and there's a resident hermit, who's hot in his own right and one of the girls falls for him.

what an awesome story.

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