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February 12, 2007


The Skimmer's like Grizzled. Knows all that stuff about cars. He wants to get rid of both of ours in the spring. He's got the itch. Doesn't matter to me. I could drive my stationwagon till it dies. It's got approx. 160,000 miles on it now and I think it'll go for 160,000 more. I almost want to drive it till it dies. Like a badge of honor, or something. But, since The Skimmer mentioned getting new cars the other day, I've been thinking about them.

I love the Chrysler Crossfire and the Audi TT. Wouldn't get either, though. Blue Kid's getting his temps in 7 months and they're both too small.

I've always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. Which seems it might be good for Blue Kid, too. We'll see. The real thought of this whole thing is freaking me out as I type this.

...the thought of Blue Kid actually driving soon. *Not* the thought of getting a new car.


Ah yes, the Crossfire is nice!

My brother had a Wrangler and still mourns its demise. :(

AG had a Wrangler until last year. It was a lot of fun. For a new kid starting out -- probably not the car I would suggest.

AG will not accept a Mercedes. On principle. It was the official car of the Nazis. AG cannot support such history. I know, I know. AG has her feelings.

I love the Audi TT. However, most likely the next AG car will be a Volvo wagon. I like it, it's safe and it can lug things around.

UC will continue to clutch his mbTa card.

AG, if you won't take a Mercedes, I have bad news for you about Audi.

"AG had a Wrangler until last year. It was a lot of fun. For a new kid starting out -- probably not the car I would suggest."

How come AG? Do tell. Too much fun to tool around in?

AG, I have a Volvo wagon. Love it. That car is a tank. Doesn't have a lot of zip like The Skimmer's Saab, but it's a great car. That's why I'd like to drive it till it dies. Just to see how long it would last.

We had a VW Bug a few years back. Our neighbors are from Germany, well into their 80s. He was some sort of prison guard in the war. Don't know the details. Anyway. When we brought the Bug home he came over to look at it. And he said something like...

"These are nice cars, but I could never own one. People would look down on me."

If that man could wear an American flag suit, he would. He's got American flags everywhere.

AG, Blue Kid wants me to keep the Volvo wagon so he can drive it. The logo looks like the logo from Austin Powers and Blue Kid says he wants his license plate to say: ShagWagon.



Okay, I would take a Volvo in a second... and I put the wrong Audi Q7 up there. The image I used looks trashy. I like the simpler one.

AG- Are you anti-Mercedes are anti-all German vehicles? I was wondering about Audi as well...

Our daughter, Jennifer's niece, is in need of a new car to replace the big black pickup truck she has loved driving for 9 years. We went shopping with her for Wranglers and the car salesman said that he would not let his daughter drive one. (!!!!) Still concerned about rolling, although they have improved their record on that little problem.

We want to help her find something that is fuel efficient - maybe a diesel - to satisfy Father - REALLY SAFE - cause she is Mom's girl, and a great fashion accessory - which is her criterion. The Wrangler with an extra big set of wheels and brush guards front and back won her heart but it is neither fuel efficient nor particularly safe.

I thought she had gotten rid of the truck awhile ago??

Geez. You would think they would have figured out that whole "roll over" problem with the Wranglers by now.

Well, that one's out.

I went in to pay for a tank of gas a few weeks ago and told the kid behind the counter that the blue minivan was mine. He laughed and said, "That's not a minivan, dude, that's a chick magnet."

Little punk.

I just can't do the minivan. It would probably make sense, but I can't. :(

I've heard similar term, that my genteel self will not type here, it was in reference to a Lotus that my husband saw on the street.

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