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February 13, 2007


"Mom, sometimes you say too much!"

Your little lamblets are hilarious. I think we'd get along fine.

Your little lamblets are also much nicer than mine. I get, "Dad, be quiet! You're not funny, you're just weird."

For the younger lamblet, I can relate. I love to discuss poop and poop-related activities (PRAs) all the time and AG will have none of it.

For your older lamblet, I can also relate. When you grow up hearing yiddish, it takes one a while to realize what putz, schmuck, and schmeke are really euphemisms for. They sure are fun to say, though!

UC- Please tell me *bupkis* really means *nothing*!?!? Although, come to think of it, you can also say, "He got dick" and that means nothing...

Don't worry, Jennifer. You're pretty safe with bupkis, although make sure not to get it confused with babkas. You either end up with too little or too much pastry if that happens.

Was that it? Schmuck? That was what she was saying? That is barely a penis reference.

No, it was not schmuck!

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