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December 18, 2006


Alright, how about a compromise: cookies depicting frozen-solid mountain climbers? Or how about that pit-bull puppy that chewed off a baby's toes while the parents slept in a drunken stupor? THAT'd be a dynamite cookie scenario. Just trying to do my part...


Boy, that's what I've needed. Some *glen* humor!


Oh boy. Can't laugh. Nope. Something will attack my Chakra again. Something will mess with my star alignment. My karma will get me.

Nope. Not going to do it.

You're bad, glen.


Santa's watching.

"Man, enough cookies and shit...let's get back to world poverty and infant mortality" Perhaps he broke a crown on the neuse in the pfefferneuse. I loved those, btw, but brother and sister liked springele(?sp) when we were growing up.

Exiled- I preferred the pfefferneuse as well, but just hearing springerle makes me smile... which then had me thinking of lebkuchen...

Oh my GOD!!! I'm back on COOKIES!!!

Oh my.

Think of glen, Jennifer.

Think of glen.


Anyone notice that Blue Girl only comments on cookie posts, too?

PSHAW indeed, J-bird.

You blog about cookies until your heart is content. What the world needs is more cookie love, not less.

Jennifer, can I get your recipe for the peppernut cookies? I want to see if I can't stop eating them too.

Jennifer, your Holiday Cookies look like masterpieces. I used to go into cookie-making frenzies, and so can imagine just how much energy and how many hours, besides sheer artistry, those cookies must have taken. Do you make them every year? My suspicion is that you must be possessed. And if so, you have no choice but to ride your cookie obsession out: poverty and infant mortality will no doubt be waiting for you when and if your baking fanaticism fades. And if they are NOT waiting for you? Who is to say that your baking in some wholly irrational, mysterious way did not conquer evil?

Claire... warning, the recipe takes 16 cups of flour and makes approx. 600-700 cookies... are you sure you want to tempt fate? :)

Grasshopper- I like your thinking!!!

AG- I agree! More cookie love!

Just send me some cookies!

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