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December 15, 2006


Those all look awesome and the Bill O'Lielly cookie is fantastic.

Want to make me some? Please?

I am working on Christmas and my Mom is out of the country...please?

Pretty Please with Bill O'Lielly on top?

Hi Chuckles! I thought you said you were working on your waistline... these babies are butter bombs...

I think if I make one more cookie, my head will explode. Come to think of it, you merely mentioning Bill O'Leilly on top is making my head want to explode. I don't want to think of Bill on top!!! Or anywhere for that matter!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Just e-mailed Bill. I wish you would paint a cookie with the boys (Smokey Dog and Pugsleypants) on it, but then I would never want to eat it so it would be the torture cookie.

Oh crap, we're gonna have a Spritz-off!

I *hate* Spritz-offs! They're so messy!

I'll think about Smokey Dog and Pugsleypants... and I'll let you know if I hear from Mr. Christmas.

Those look awesome! Jennifer. Some of the best artwork I've ever seen on cookies. I kept tryin' to decide which one I'd take, but couldn't! lol!

Okay, I'd grab the candle first.

My mouth had started to water'in but when I saw the O'Liely, I suddenly needed a drink instead.

Well done regardless, Lady.

We should dunk his head in some yummy Irish coffee. This would make him go down more easily and be a nice holiday insides warmer.

Thanks Michael.

I think there does indeed need to be a competition on how he is eaten!

Remember when you were a kid and Mom would come home with a birthday cake, and when it was your birthday you got to get the rose, or whatever sugar sculpture was drizzled on it? Now the kids, or adults more likely, can fight over his head, his I don't want to go there.


All I'll say is "good luck" to anyone who thinks they can top YOUR efforts. Those cookies look beautiful! Even Bill looks good in icing!

Damn, Jennifer. Well played. I completely sluffed off my cookie making responsibilities. It just wasn't in the cards. Now I'm glad because I could never compete with any of that.

Claire!!! How do you know??? There's more than one way to decorate a cookie and taste is the ultimate decider. Oh wait... I think someone else is the Decider!!! but I digress.

Anyhow, I hope you had a fun weekend and that you didn't bake because you were having too much fun!!! :)

Well done and kudos Jennifer. If you and Res baked together there is no doubt you too would have cookies that would be in a museum because they are too pretty to eat. I remember his blue and white swirled cookies last yeart. They were so---oooo pretty. I hated eating them.

Thanks AG- I can't wait to hear about your BAKED goods... no air-dry truffles!!!

Your goodies should show up at BG's when mine do tomorrow. Should be interesting! I'm curious to hear about the sufganiyot. Those sound like they involve no wankery whatsoever.

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