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November 02, 2006


See? That was great? You did a much better job than me! I was also a young alto, too. Actually I still am. Hmm, you have a whole extra birthday in your back pocket, huh? That's so much better than un-birthdays! Is it a re-birthday? Or over-birthday? Super-birthday? Hm.

Thanks Claire. I'm not sure what you would call that b-day... an ace in the hole? No... whatever it is, I'm hanging onto it until I really need it.

As far as being an alto, I left my alto years behind me long ago. I think I am in baritone range and that might even be too high! :(

Hey! Wait a second, Claire! I just noticed you wrote, "That was great?" That question mark stands out a tad, doesn't it??? Hmmmm... Oh well. I never claimed greatness. :)

Hey Bun!


I think my voice is just "in the middle." Maybe not, I have no idea. When I hear myself speak, it makes me cringe. I'd rather not hear myself. It's too goofy sounding.

Do you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? There was an episode where Larry David's voice all of a sudden got really low and he was going...."Waaaaaa, waaaaaa, waaaaa"

Maybe you had to see it to get it. When I wake up with a low voice, I do that all day long. (Cuz I can be annoying!)


I can't think of anything to blog about. Mind if I steal the meme and put my own little twist to it?

I have indeed seen that episode and know the feeling.

One thing I have noticed about the timbre of my voice is that if I am in a crowd with lots of background noise, people don't hear me, at least not consciously. I do notice though that someone usually says what I just said about 5 seconds later. Sometimes I like to say really off the wall stuff and then hear someone say it although they don't know why.

As for stealing it, have at it! I was going to tag you, but knew you said posts on demand usually made your mind go blank.

Yours truly-
Bun :)

Oh dear… that was meant to be a “!” not a “?” I blame my foggy morning brain.

Sure, Claire -- sure.


This is good stuff. Forgive me but why was your family in Equador for your 7th birthday?

Thanks AG.

As for Ecuador,we went there because Chuckie Cheese's was booked... Oh, okay, my family was there visiting our first exchange student's family.

Did I get un-tagged?

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