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November 16, 2006


I love Jones Soda Company -- not because I think they're "soda" -- huh? shouldn't it be "pop?!" is so good, but because of their label design. Their product really jumps off the shelf because the bottles and packaging looks so cool.

I'm having Thanksgiving this year and some Thanksgiving flavored soda sounds like a fun thing to have around. Maybe we could have a "taste" contest. I think the kids would get a kick out of that.

Thanks for the heads up!

I'll report back with the official results. How much you wanna bet "Pea soda" *doesn't* win?


BG- You're right, they do have cool packaging. I was also thinking, "It should be POP!!!" :)

How scary would it be to use them as mixers!?!?!? "I'll have a Turkey, Gravy and Vodka please!" or "I'll have a "Whiskey and Pea!" Wait... if I have a whiskey, I usually have to pee...

Never mind. Let me know how they are.

... dinner roll, peas, and antacid flavor. I think I'll stick with the real things.

Blech! I'm with you on the "real things" preference.

Though "dinner roll" might be worth a shot. Hhmmm... ;)

I wonder if they added butter flavor to the dinner roll??? Maybe you could eat a piece of butter and then take a shot of the dinner roll... or maybe not...

You're making this up!

But if there really was such stuff, it'd be soda, not pop.

Get yourself to a Target, Lance and see for yourself... you can buy the POP there. :)

Pie soda? I'd definitely give it a whirl.

Yesterday I got two different emails from lists I'm on in regards to pie. Then I saw something else online about pie. Truly the pie gods are smiling upon me!

The Skimmer thinks the answer to Iraq is sort of like trying to figure out what the square root of pie is.

I know this comment is off topic, but it's got the word "pie" in it. Jus sayin'.

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