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October 24, 2006


I like stale Peeps, too. Or, I should say -- I like the *idea* of stale Peeps. Actually eating them is a whole nother issue. I want them to be good. I want to enjoy them. But, they just don't do anything for me in the end.

Those circus peanuts gag me. I can't even stand the smell of them. You described the taste perfectly ... "petro-chemical banana flavor."

You know what I'm absolutely hooked on now? Pinwheel Cookies. Ever had one? They're so fake and processed. Fake marshmallow, fake chocolate -- I LOVE THEM! I could eat (and do eat) the entire package in one sitting.

I'm totally hooked on them right now.


Pinwheel cookies... I do know them. I wonder how they would taste after a year in the attic?!?! :)

Circus Peanuts are indeed nasty. Sometimes I find them intriguing, but other times I just think some insane person invented them. You make something the shape of a peanut, color it melon orange and then make it taste like synthetic banana! Yeah!! Now that'll sell! But the scary thing is, they did and still are! I tried to roast one once over a campfire... it melts like rayon! That can't be good.

I wonder what the Pin Wheel would do in a microwave???


I could totally go for a few Pinwheel cookies right now. The other night I was going to town on a whole package, went upstairs, came back down and the package was gone. The Skimmer had thrown the package away and there was still one left!

I was REALLY upset!


melts like rayon, sung to the tune of "Lips Like Sugar"

Fighting the urge to run out and get a Hostess Apple Pie and a Mountain Dew - my former favorite breakfast. Isn't it about time for orange Sno-Balls to reappear?

Scott- I'll now have that song with those lyrics in my head ALL DAY!

Wanna come over??? I'll run out and get some N'Dew for you and some scuzzy pies. Now those pies had some petro-chemical action going on as well!

What kind of cake did they use for orange snowballs?? Chocolate? Buh! I never cared for those, any of the flavors, but I was fond of the Little Debbie "Banana Flip"!

The problem might not be the Peeps'; it just might be you. Though, perhaps not since you said you anticipated that petro-artificial flavor with pleasure. But maybe what you recall as, oh, a flicker of joy just this side of life-transforming, was not as great as you remember. I used to love stale Peeps, three to six months old. The thwack test never occurred to me. But the last time I stashed one among my rejection slips, and at about the right time, Peeps-texture-wise, let my processed, synthetic flavored sugar craving have its way with me, guess what? The thrill was gone!
At least I still have candy corn, though, especially the ones with fake chocolate tops.

Hey Grasshopper! You are right, the thrill of Peeps is short-lived. I still like a stale one or two once a year, but this one was TOO stale!

Wow- candy corn... a little of that goes a long way for me. I think they could take most candy away and just leave chocolate!

That's so funny! I never liked Peeps, so I myself wouldn't have eaten it.

Having said that, my favorite Far Side is the one where they show the Peep factory on a humid day. All the Peeps are oozing out of the windows and doors.

AG- The Peep I ate probably WAS oozing this summer during the 100+ degree attic heat! I think I would have thought twice about eating him the... but today, he had leathery appeal kind of like Robert Redford. I do hope though that Robert Redford wouldn't be as disappointing.

Oooooh. Now I could definitely eat Robert Redford up!

I'd take him over a Pinwheel anyday!


Yeah, I don't think there is an age limit on Robert Redford.

it is sooooo good i had it in my class and i love it my teachers name is mr. gail and he is a peep jerky fan!!!

Viva la Peep Jerky!

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