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January 28, 2013


They should make an iVolt, to see if zrm will buy it.


I got some good advice...



I was almost pulled over into the mud by an act of dog* today.

(* Squirrel-chasing)

I was not pulled into the mud, but did not notice the dogs had ventured there anyhow until they came inside.

I have 3 squirrels on my window ledge RIGHT NOW! One is trying to get at the bird suet... the other 2 are begging for peanuts, and I'm out.

That reminds me, I'll have to post my squirrel pics. I'll have to warn ZRM so he doesn't suffer undue stress. I'd like them less if they ate my home...

I'll have to post my squirrel pics.
This is precisely why ZRM should make you coblogger at his blog.

I would, however, do laundry in a machine that looked like a car.

1. Fill car with clothes and water.
2. Drive over potholed road for 30 minutes.

1. Fill car with clothes and water.
2. Drive over potholed road for 30 minutes.


Sounds like a plan.

That thing play DVDs?

Goob loves bumpy roads.

You're not really a cat person either, are you, J?

(That's what I thought the post was, at first.)

I have enough cobloggers, what with all the voices.

That thing play DVDs?

Apparently it does, but you probably need 8 quarters to start it.

Goob loves bumpy roads.

Puke hills! Me, too.

You're not really a cat person either, are you, J?

No, I'm not, but it's not because I have anything against cats per se... they just tend to make my eyes and throat swell up. I'm more fond of breathing.

I have enough cobloggers, what with all the voices.

ZRM is doing fine. If anyone needs a coblogger... or even just a blogger, it's me. Or perhaps I just need a pasture. Is there a blogging pasture?

ZRM is doing fine.

Define "fine".

I was speaking in terms of post-output... post production... I would certainly never insult you by using that adjective to describe you in any other way.

Just thinking about Volt cars will make Fuxnoos cry. Everytime you buy a Volt a hair follicle dies on Gretchen Carlson's head.

LOL! I will drive a dryer around if it makes Fuxnoos cry and makes Gretchen lose her hair!

I can't tell where to comment, what with the Nostalgia Post up top.

Although a few posts on from that original, is the Zardoz that coined the phrase "Mom! They're Zardozing your blog again!"

Kathleen, as is tradition, LOLed.

Yes, I remember that post. We were supposed to be entertaining Von that evening, but stomach woes took over.

looking at the comments, Von got plenty entertained.

Is there a blogging pasture?

I'm in it right now.

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