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September 24, 2012


It's a Dapple Doodle Dandy!

(Hanx, wikipedia.)

Don't they need a pointy nose (err, tooth) to be a narwhal?

They look like narwhal testicles, Sea Apples we useta call them when I was a cabin boy.



My word verf was...

under enetalia...

Is that what they're calling them now?

Typepad has filthbot instincts?

I know you couldn't see it, thundra, but i hope you sensed my exasperated eyeroll when I read your comment... followed by a "DUH!"

That's what I'm here for!


FYI- I've got a gazillion dragonflies flying by my window this afternoon. :) They're also rolling their eyes at your comments.

Are they rolling their eyes in Chicago, or at the lake?

I've been in Columbus, so no dragonfly sitings here.

I did take some pics of a butterfly today, maybe I'll add 'em to new post. (IF any came out, that is...without the camera screen to tell, my percentage of good pics/overall pics taken is WAY DOWN.)

In the Chicago burbs, Mr. Thudnra... There seem to be a lot of them in the side yard today.

Only one pic came out...half a bee on the stonecrop sedum. I'm going to have to do something about this camera problem...

They look like narwhal testicles, Sea Apples we useta call them when I was a cabin boy.

The ones down south are farwhals.

Thundra- what happened to your camera? What did I miss while being in a blog-induced coma?

The ones down south are farwhals.

I thought they were downtharwhals.




Comments to 3Bulls still going into Moderation Limbo.

All I did was point out that plover's "Face-to-face" theory of sauropod mating was invalid:
Note that the long neck conveniently allows the sauropod to keep its head out of the water while lying on its back.

Because of the neck inflexibility:


I copied your comment and posted it... since I am not in comment limbo, even though I'm not blogging. :)

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