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May 06, 2012


I haz been halped!

P.S. Needs more fog machine.


Shoo, shoo Mr Thunder!

I suppose thundra must need a lot of help as I realized I had not one, but TWO categories for him!

If the shoe fits, make out with it.

This thread is laced with shenanigans.


It'll never last...

Now I am PUMPED.

In my client's defense, Your Honour, those fuck-me stilettoes were totally asking for it.

I am too straight-laced for these innuendos.

If the shoes fit,
We do say shit!

Warning! This is not an espadrille! Repeat, this is not an espadrille!

ROFL at both of you.
this video reminds me how sad it is that no one wears suspenders with t-shirts anymore.

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