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March 31, 2012


You heard thunder, and that's the important thing.

P.S. I'm Saying Yes to resuming blogging.

You sound different on the phone than you do when you're bellowing from the sky.

Not feeling the blogging... energy seems to be focused elsewhere these days... not a bad thing. :)

Funny thing. Before you called, I recorded a few videos of a storm from Wednesday.

I'm uploading one now. Unfortunately, the files are in .mov format (that's how the Canon G12 takes them, and that's an Apple format).

So my video player won't let me review them. It takes like 50 minutes to upload one to youtube, so we'll see what we get.

Well crapola.

The rain and wind cover up the sound of the thunder rolling through the mountains, which was pretty awesome.

I can still hear you!! But the "sizzling pan" sound does dominate.

I don't recall seeing a "thunder rolling through mountain" sign, unlike "beware of falling rocks" signs...

"Watch out for the Honda Civic in the left lane" sign.

Blogging may or may not resume.

I wouldn't. It's all gone straight to hell.

Thunder, .mov is Quicktime, which has a free player for Windows.

Thud toilets are good because what you want in there is MORE noise.

You sound different on the phone than you do when you're bellowing from the sky.

I like to think of Thunder sounding like a more badass version of Clancy Brown.

Is it Dog O'Clock yet?

I misread B^4's comment as Charlie Brown. :)

Thundra... Dog O'Clock came very early. Fortunately, Grizzled had gotten up even earlier and I was able to remain dead to the world.

Thud toilets are good because what you want in there is MORE noise.

I hate them... hate, hate, hate them... Aside from the obvious reasons to hate, I'm always certain that speedras are lurking.

I'm sure Applebee's would be happy to hear that EL compared them to a thud toilet. :) Although I think she might have a point. It was late, it was the only place open and around... we had to stop. It was even karoake night!

It's past Highway O'Clock, but I'm almost ready.


Heading back today?? A cruel April Fool's joke. Have a good trip. How long are you staying? Just long enough to take care of business? Or will you be an Ohioan for a while again?

Karoake night at Applebees!! Awesome!! :)

(The Skimmer has a storied history with Applebees. Best not tell EL. :)

How close were you to me, Jennifer? I was thinking of you over the week, happy that you were having fun with your family. I'm wondering if I was thinking of you more when you were closer.

BG- We went through Dayton on Thursday, on our way to Fishers. You're north of Columbus, right? I did think of you as we went past Cleveland on our way out, even though you're not there anymore.

welcome back!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Do you want me to visit BG and pretend I'm you, Jennifer? Or I can try to be the whole family.

You will need a farting dog if you're pretending to be me.

I could pretend to be your fish, zrm.

I don't know thundra... I'm so much younger than you. It might be hard to pull off.

I'd pay to see you acting like Squirmy Little Dog.

I could pretend to be your fish, zrm.

At first I was caught off guard by the use of "your"... but then thought, well, fish is his BFF. Then I realized you meant ZRM's actual fish.

Yes, I have studied their behavior and conversational quirks.

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