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October 27, 2011


I'm not that fond of autumnal scenes rendered with paint

But Thomas Kinkade does it SO WELL!!


I have to give the man props for his business acumen. He found a niche... a scary, gag-inducing, saccharine niche... but will not give him props for his paintings.

Bottom image. HA.


I just clicked through a few pages... and nearly peed. How have I missed that?!

I just got here and H.D.B. has already finished the punch.


Bottom image. HA.
Kinkade has been hoist on his own b/tard.

I heard Jennifer had started drinking already.

No... I said visiting your blog in the afternoon makes me want to! I have to take a lamblet to a music lesson so I will merely drink in some good tunes.

I rate for Bob Ross.

"Happy little trees"

I'll probably never paint it. I'm not that fond of autumnal scenes rendered with paint... they can look garish and cheesy really fast,

Leave realism (and of course impressionism) behind and they can be only interesting.

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