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July 18, 2011


How about Instructor Mooselini?

Expressway to Your Skull. But really you can't beat Mooselini.

LOL! I love Instructor Mooselini. And how could I have forgotten Expressway to Your Skull???

Good luck to El!!!

Nowhere near as cool as Instructor Mooselini, but this was always a favorite driving song for me...

I am dismayed by the inability of BOTH Substance AND Jennifer - especially Jennifer!- to remember that the Sonic Youth song is actually entitled "Expressway To Yr. Skull".

I forgive you though. You are both such Muppets!

Driving song.

I love Low Rider as well, BG.

ZRM- I had forgotten the damn song even existed and now you want me to get the name right?? HA!

And yes, Radar Love is an excellent driving song.

Totally OT- it's 4:30... I just took the dogs out and noticed the EXTREME WARMTH. It's 81. I guess there will be no overnight cooling for us. Long live the A/C!!!

"Long live the A/C!!!"

You got that right!! I feel like we're living inside a wet, wool blanket. GACK.

However, I am scared to death to open our next electric bill....

Oh God Oh God Oh God.
Do NOT tell me these things until they are over!!
I still do NOT drive on expressways!!
Please post about how successful and safe and wonderful it was.
And tell her she's going to have to drive her fairy blog-mother around in her old age.

Obvious driving song.

Did you buy EL badass leather driving gloves?

Driving song.
Posted by: zombie rotten mcdonald

Damn you ZRM! [shakes fist]

Jennifer, tell ZRM to get out of my head!

ZRM! Get out of bimler's head! You've got your own! No need to bother with his. Now go sit in the corner until you can behave.

Now go sit in the corner until you can behave.

Or share.

Helping Jennifer

ZRM! Get out of bimler's head! You've got your own! No need to bother with his

He just wants to NOM on that Big Bimler Brain.

Brando uses the word "help" but I dont' think it means what he things it means

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