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January 14, 2010


Woozers, I guess it's too late to predict blood...

I guess you have to remember that feeshys are cold blooded...

They still bleed, ZRM.

Or was there some other point that I am missing?

Uh, is this the blog version of the horse head in the bed?


fish probably does have a small penis, like fishes do, but a long poop.

Looks like it is time to convene EXCOMM

Man. This post should have come with some sort of warning!
B l e h

Von- you're probably right, but then this

post and


post should have also come with warnings.

I suppose I should have named it, "For fish's Eyes Only!"


Also... it was all in fun. No hate for the feeshy... just exasperation. :)

Dr. Mrs. fish has done that on occasion.

Dr. Mrs. fish has done that on occasion.

Posted blog warnings?
Predicted blood?
Put a horse's head on your bed?
Said, "For fish's eye's only"??

Oh! Ripped your guts out... I can't imagine fish ever pushing anyone to that point!

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