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July 08, 2009


It's been nice weather in Columbus for the past week, which is a good break for me.

I walk to and from work every day, and wearing a suit in the summer is even worse than just having to wear a suit.

(Back when I worked in NYC, suit-wearing gave way to 5 days a week casual sometime in the mid 90's.)


Repent! The End is near!

Rejoice! The End is near!

This weekend should be nice and summery. Speaking of this weekend....Folk & Roots???

thunder, I'm in Columbus right this very second! And it's rather cold. Darnit.


this eternal Meh

is a great phrase! lol Sounds like the story of my life lately.

Ooops! That was me. I'm on the Skimmer's computer.

dang. I thought Skimmer was slumming.

It didn't sound like Beege though. No cussing.



You would have known if he was slumming... he would have been at your place.

Von- we just got off a whirlwind of events, travel, visitors, etc, and I think we'll be in town this weekend, but I need to figure out where we stand once the dust settles. I'll definitely let you know if we go though. We had wanted to. I'm just not sure how things will work this weekend.

yeah, if this place is a slum, the empire is a post-apocalyptic zombie infested hellhole filled with crazy people and stinky dogs who eat bunnies.

And you can't get cell phone service.

quit hogging our monsoons, dammit!!!

the empire is a post-apocalyptic zombie infested hellhole filled with crazy people and stinky dogs who eat bunnies.

I didn't realize we were neighbors.

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