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November 24, 2008


Just curious, but why Typepad instead of blogger? Does it have better or different features?

Bill- my decision was not based on features at all. The fellow bloggers, who lured me into blogging way back when, also used TypePad. I merely followed step.

I scoured, and I've been dropped. Sniffle.

Von- it's purely alphabetical. Your blog's name was in the group that came after 50. I'm on it! I've got a help-ticket "in progress" with TypePad. I just hope they don't bust me for using the command deck without proper training.

drop me and put Von back on.

perhaps its some kind of anti-Galaxy Quest worm that a really big William Shatner fan hid in the typepad code.

This post should have a more refined French title, as all French things are more refined. Like "Oups".

Now I understand why Atrios and Kos are shutting down their blogs.

Thanks ZombieRotten. Perhaps she can put us on side by side, in perfect harmony.

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