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November 17, 2008


Oh, I'm blue, baby.

apply directly to forehead

apply directly to forehead

Ok... I'm not that bad...

I love this post!! So funny. Oh, uh, And I will now cancel my Shamwow order. Damn. I wanted that to be true....

Cancel it, Von!! Never trust the middle-of-the-night infomercials. The cold, hard light of day will lead the way to sanity.

You mean, he's not a... fish???

yeah i was heartbroken when i realized this too. i could imagine Dr, sitting at a cluttered universidty desk in his inverse aqualung, googling things to amuse, offend and startle select members of the blogosphere

Heartbreak and disillusionment. I guess there will be no Pixar story of his life.

I believe Snag is a Camry salesman.

No point in getting nasty zombie.

Did I say pretend? I must have misspelled perfect...

And there are lots of us.

are you telling me those knives don't cut through aluminum cans?

are you telling me those knives don't cut through aluminum cans?

I don't know... I don't have one. I just always want one. I'm guessing it would cut through a fish...

Not these fish.

Slow day, fish?

Why's zombie all hating on the Camry?

Slow day for brains.

Our Trader Joe's is a little different. It's actually a trader named Joe.

The ShamWow commercials work because of that guy. There's something about his presentation that seems so credible. Maybe it's because he doesn't seem like he cares if you buy the ShamWows.

Also, in an ironic trivia note, the cleaning hipsters in that video are playing music by Holy F*ck. As in, "Holy f*ck, these ShamWows really suck."

Also, that guy wears a headset.

How could he be scamming when he's got such a bitchin headset?

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