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September 29, 2008


Ok, consider the backer rod science dropped. You are correct, of course. I know perfectly well what backer rod is, what the purpose is, why it's necessary, and how to install it properly. I also know where MY backer rod is.

Spline, however.... there are different kinds of splines, depending on the project, what you're doing with it. A spline is a much more generic item, and different materials can serve as splines.... in the case you refer to, however, there is a specific kind of spline necessary.

Grizzled and me. Brothas from anotha motha.



RM- I'm thrilled you know where your backer rod is and that you know how to use it!

Count me as lacking in the "manly" knowledge. Wow, backer rod? Yikes.

So many dirty jokes, so little time...

the last time I used a backer rod, I hurt my spline.


K in O for the win.

backer rod? i didnt even know her!!

Give backer rod and she'll be spline.

Groans for everyone.

"Some what?? Some Baccarat??'

lol. Backer rod's a new one to me, too, Jennifer.

The Skimmer's more of a "hes....i....ta....tor.....pau.....ser...." type when he's talking. So, I have to wait hear what he's going to say. By the time he gets it out, I usually forget what he's talking about anyway. lol

I have a friend who's a builder, and he uses these arcane words all the time. And I never ever have the faintest idea what he's talking about.

The Black Box travel agent sent me. I enjoyed my visit!

Hi Fred- Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to visit again!

I once built a crinoline for a dress party with some of these! It was great fun. You could do worse than making that hardware store one of your supply stores (wares are usually MUCH cheaper there too).

(oh an HI! never mind me, I just got here via Black Box magic)
Greetings from Italy

Nathalie- the backer rod would be perfect for the support of a crinoline, plus not too heavy.

Thanks for stopping by.

"It's way funnier than it would be in a better world."

I can't top Kathleen's comment.

I have no idea what any of this stuff is. I'm so getting eaten when society collapses and the cannibals are roaming the streets.

cannibals are roaming the streets

It'll probably be Zombie Rotten McDonald!!

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