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July 16, 2008


she looked confused. hee-hee-hee

Grizzled's theme song.

Same story with my 3,000 sq feet plus home in New York.

Wah. Wah.

I had the one who offered me $200K less than I bought it for. That was my favorite.

Yabbut that's in the middle of nowheresville. It's no wonder you don't live there!

Hi dave!

Nice, fish...

AG- wah, wah indeed.

Mandos- not sure if you're commenting to AG or me. Our place is definitely in a spot I would consider nowheresville and I have no desire to live there. I wouldn't mind having the lot size in the place I'm at now though!

"she looked confused" was awesome. Though not for you obviously. But for the humor in the story. And isn't that is what is most important? I thought you'd agree.

I wish I had some good comiserating stories. GJ on saying NO and good luck getting it rented SOON.

K- Humor is ALWAYS what's most important! :) Thanks for the good rental thoughts. I doubt we'll have any problems. We never have. We were just hoping to sell! Grizzled is tired of playing landlord. He's done it for 20 years with that place and it felt like enough.

To AG.

You only need central A/C in house that size if you're selling it to Ed Gein and he needs to keep the bodies cold.

Hope you get it rented soon.

Um, Mandos -- no it's not. It's in one of the most expensive counties in America and less than hour from Manhattan.

Stick to what you know love, Canada!

ok, apparently Ed Gein has been floating around the interwebs, attaching himself to random posts.

It could be called a tradition, I suppose.

Jennifer-buyers never seem to understand that the house is being sold at a reasonable price for what is there, not what they wish was there. the discounts are already built in.

One of my friends bought an ancient, kind of crappy little house in a small town nearby. It was one of the oldest in the burg, but it didn't really have any historic value other than that- it was a glorified shack. Trapdoor to the basement. Still, he put tons of sweat into redoing most of it, making it a pleasant little place, and was located on a nice hill overlooking the city and lake.

Eventually, he bought a much nicer place across the street and watched in horror and pain as the buyer of his old place razed it and built a graceless lumpy McHouse.

Guess that's kind of a story for BG's post too.

Do you read Dwell magazine? I ask because, according to Dwell, the trend is to smaller square footage homes - it's part of the green movement. Perhaps the trick is to find those who believe, "less is more" and if it has green attributes, so much the better.

Instead of the standard real estate listings, advertise in green magazines, architectural schools and newsletters, places that green building materials - that sort of thing.

BP- that's just the thing... we never wanted to put a ton of money into a place that would most likely be bulldozed. We talked about building something new, but our accountant said no, the money was never in the house, it's in the lot. We'd lose all equity by doing that. The house could easily be added onto or could be taken down in 30 minutes and a decent sized home could be erected with plenty of room and no trees damaged! This is a largish, corner lot. We expected someone to buy it who saw the potential, but no, we got people who wanted the 600 sq ft house to be decorated like a McMansion. It's actually very charming inside given what the little thing is.

Love the "She looked confused".

"Wait a minute, you're trying to tell me the world doesn't revolve around what I want?"

Ah, humanity...

Yes, that's right! It's a whole big long time-wastey, petroleum-stinking hour from Manhattan. I lived in that county last summer and work there this summer, and I know what of I speak!

The rule is, if it's absurd to consider public transit, it's nowhere. Believe me, I've lived in the burbz.

That's why I took the sensible (and, astonishingly, cheaper--for me) route of living in the city this time around.

An hour out of Manhattan. Pfft.

Have you considered an informal conversion to C/I classification and renting it to a bunch of meth heads?

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