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July 23, 2008


i have to admit ignorance-don't
have cable-what is project runway?

daveminnj- while I applaud your ability to go against gender type and say, "I don't know", trying to describe Project Runway would be like trying to describe Cheetos to a fish.

he looks downward,abashed -
his tail drooping between his

What kind of planes will be landing? Since it's a "Project" I figure they are the experimental kind. But then, "Bravo" could be a foreign based. Or maybe it's something on cable. My TeeVee only does Netflix so I'm totally in the dark about this one.

The post is up! With the longest f-ing title ever. I'm having issues with brevity today. "See" you at 9/8!

Bill and dave- think fashion runway... think crazy challenges with lots of egotistical yet fragile designers. Think drama, think creativity, think cat-fest. Think more addictive than you would believe.

I am thinking though that the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Runway challenge might be a good one. I don't believe they've done airline apparel nor do I think they've been made to design clothes out of old fuselages... could be interesting.

I'll go check it out, Claire!

Jennifer, flicking through the channels last night -- while extremely bored -- I landed on Kitchen Nightmares! With scary knife graphics and everything.

I got hooked! Have you seen it? I doubt I'll tune in again. But, it was, um, good? when you need to kill an hour.

What is this "Kitchen Nightmares"??? It sounds like it has promise! What channel is it on? I'm sure I'll get sucked in and will give Grizzled one more reason to cluck as he walks past the television. Of course his endless viewing of "Wings of War" doesn't count.

allow me: daveinnj, i too have no cable.

I call it Project Run-Away, which is what I do whenever I have seen the show.

It seems to be tolerable only when watched in groups, with snide running commentary from the audience. It is the centerpiece of more than one "stitch'n'bitch" sewing group I am aware of, so the liveblogging might make it more okay...

oh!...... i could do that.

I love cheetos.


A famous chef goes to a restaurant that is in need of help pretty much in all ways. The food's bad, the owner's a terrible businessman, on the brink of losing the restaurant, etc.

So, the famous chef tastes all the food while he rips it to shreds while the cook and other workers cringe and get their feelings hurt. Then, he lets the owner have it for all his failings. And they fight and argue.

Then the famous chef figures out a master strategy for the restaurants' come back! And the owner fights it the whole way because his ego is bruised and he's not going to let some fancy schmancy chef come in and just change everything and tell him what to do!

But, he really has no choice!

Because he's not only going to lose his restaurant if it fails, he's also going to lose his house too! Because he has it mortgaged out the ying yang. Which of course his pretty wife never knew! But, the fancy shmancy chef HAD TO TELL HER.

And she cried.

Will the food improve?

Will the restaurant be saved?

Will the owner beat the you-know-what out of the fancy shmancy chef?

Not sure.

My phone rang. I missed the end.

That was me up there. I'm so hip to be square.

Jennifer, sorry I missed live blogging last night. I was on the phone with my mom. But, I did stop in to read the comments every now and then.

We hung up at about 10:50. But, I didn't know what was going on -- so I felt dumb jumping in at that point.

lol. Now that I think about it -- I think that was actually the repeat! Talk about feeling dumb jumping in at that point!

That famous chef would be Gordon Ramsay.

Sounds like it will be fun! Will there be any mention of Moose or gin and tonic? I require that in live blogging now.

That famous chef would be Gordon Ramsay.

I've seen Hell's Kitchen. This must be a spin-off.

AG- Moose and gin were needed. They're on the list for next week.

Thanks, J. You always have a girl's back at the cocktail party. :) :) :p

And you are no more crazy than say, the rest of us!!!

again, I say stupid time zones.

It was an awesome episode! though I was very sad to see little Wesley go. He was a like a toy fashion designer.

I was sorry to see him go as well. I was hoping it would be Godstella.

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