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November 10, 2007


Rah, rah, rah for Ponce!!

Lamblet? Oh noes. That cannot be good.

The jig is up.

How long have you had the lizard?

AG!!! It's so good to have you back! I hope you're doing as well as can be expected.

The lamblet is made aware of certain posts, but does not know how to get here. We have a workable agreement.

Ponce came into our home the first week of last November. If we're lucky, we'll have her until next November, but I think 2 yrs is the lifespan.

do you know what variety ponce is? If he has a blue belly i'd say he is a fence lizard, but I can barely see him through his lush habitat.

No blue belly. The best we can tell, Ponce is a brown anole. We think a "she" since the white stripe is dominant in the middle.

I just checked out fence lizard photos! They do look similar, but there's definitely no blue and Ponce isn't that girthy. I'll have to get a better photo of the length of her. This photo makes her look bigger than she is.

where did you get ponce that miniature lightsaber(first photo)??

and ponce looks quite happy, must be enjoying herself :)

Bait or food? The eternal question.

The light saber was there for scale, aif! :-p

Snag- step back from the lizard!

When will Ponce continue on his discover America tour?

Hello stealth fish- Ponce has decided she's seen all she needs to see and is staying put. She has a lifetime gig here.

Long Live the King!!

I foresee doom, once Ponce discovers the lure of teh Polly Pocket.

she'll venture farther and farther afield, in search of plastic bling, until venturing too close to an owl, or a dog, or a Snag...

I think we're safe BP, unless they make Polly Pocket crickets. So far the only thing attracting Ponce is her reflection on the side of the tank. She leaps, hits the wall and slides back down.

She also has a Snag restraining order. Snag is not allowed within 25 ft of her. 50 if he's carrying a bamboo skewer. There will be no Ponce satay!

Ponce might live a lot more than 2 years if she found that fountain in Florida she was looking for...

Apparently the fountain was taken over by Disney. Now only Disney will live forever.

This is yet another reason to abominate Disney.

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