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January 13, 2007


Queen J-Lo: AG has a plan to online scrapbook a recipe book of all the cookies made. Stay tuned!

Congrats. You and Bill deserve it.

AG- Thanks for the kind words and I love the idea of the recipes. I was thinking a similar thing. I will indeed stay tuned!

I wore my sash and tiara to Home Depot while Grizzled was picking out plumbing supplies... I waved, I smiled... it was lost on them! Bah! Little did they know.

Home Depot? Home Depot? Lance M. and his tinkering band will drum you out of something. You are supposed to go to one of those non-chain hardware stores with wooden floors that sort of bounce as you walk on them, and with little bins last seen at Woolworths. Well, I won't tell anyone, because that was me with the Groucho glasses, looking at toilet handles.

You may have heard me clapping and whistling, trying to convince you to throw a few samples about, but did you?

Exiled- I think I saw you!

Grizzled does prefer those non-chain stores, but this morning, he needed quantity and availability... Home Depot is known in our home as Home Despot!

Sorry about the samples. I'm new at all of this!

Congrats!!! Next time I want in on some of your cookies.

Thank you, Claire!

I think we need to work on pie first!

the queen goes where she wants!!

congrats, Jennifer!!

Thanks aif!

Yes, the Queen should be able to go where she wants. She is queen after all.

And the Queen will go in her stylish Cookie Popemobile with her runner-up riding shotgun. :)

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