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January 10, 2007


Why do you hate 3 Bulls! and not share this hysterical dream with Celebrity Dream Cameo? Do you need to get the keys from Pinko Punko? I can make that happen.

I can understand James Wolcott's obsessive need for RADDDIIIIIIISHHHHHHH!!!!! It really makes or breaks a shrimp cocktail sauce. Recently, I devoured a shrimp cocktail platter from Costco (part of the infamous $350 shopping trip described at RoD), and while the shrimp were tastey and firm, the sauce was flat. The obvious culprit, lack kof RADDDIIIIIIISHHHHHHHH!!!!

UC- I am loving 3 Bulls, but having just submitted a celeb cameo, did not want to hog the dream scene. Besides... I constantly dream of celebs. My mind at night is the REM Loveboat or REM Fantasy Island... One night it's Totie Fields and Bert Convy and the next night it's Steve & Edie with Barbie Benton...


You are so lucky to have a vivid and fermentive dreamlife, Jennifer. My dreams are at best like a Luis Bunuel movie and at worst like a Meatballs movie. Almost zero celebrity content and way way less sex than I'd like.

PP- BC was just an example, but not a real life experience... You'll be the first to know though if he shows up.

UC- Bummer for you! Sometimes I wish I had mellow dreams! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster half the time.

Hey, my husband wanted to ask you if you had a big, easily demonstrative pathway or mechanism for embryology that we could use for the science fair... kind of like photosynthesis is to plant biology... I think we just need to figure out how to grow that cotton candy! :)

Maybe Wolcott thinks you're little and hot!


Did I hear someone say, "RAAADISHHHH"???? Jim??? Is that you?

my god that's awesome.

But what does it MEAN??? :)

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